Sales Transformation: The Power Of Technology

by Ben Barton / February 17, 2022

We believe in the importance of technology in modern business, harnessing the most effective technology available to drive exponential growth and facilitate consistent sales excellence.

It’s no a secret that technology is one of, if not the most significant driver of business success and transformation in the modern world.

Whether it’s disrupting the established status quo or simply enabling a more efficient way of doing things, technology sits right at the heart of the world we live and work in.


How technology is transforming the future of sales
  • The Way We Communicate + Share Information
  • Mobile-First Business Environments
  • Enablement of Remote Working
  • Use of AI
  • Decreasing Cost/Increasing Functionality
  • Buyer Enablement
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Cloud Computing + Digital Transformation


With technology being such an integral pillar of modern success, it should come as no surprise that the businesses who are seeing the most success are the ones harnessing the power of technology correctly.

But what does that look like?


The right technology for the right job

When it comes to technology, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of wanting to use the best possible tech. However, it’s vital to consider the technology you’re using with the context in which you’re going to be using it.

This can sometimes mean that you don’t get the most powerful version of a solution, or you don’t opt for the highest tier subscription model.

There is also an element of fear that surrounds the discussions around technology, especially as more and more of our daily lives both in and out of the workplace become influenced by tech.

To that end, it’s critical that before you go searching for your next tech-based solution, you have a clear picture of what issues you’re trying to resolve.

If there is any ambiguity in what your end goal is for the technology that you utilise, then you are guaranteed to see gaps in both the efficiency and effectiveness of that technology.


Will technology make my role redundant?

Automation is one of the greatest benefits of technology, especially within businesses and sales organisations. It has revolutionised entire industries and raised the productivity ceiling to heights that would have seemed impossible as little as 20 years ago.

However, as with the broader discussion around technology in general, automating tasks and functions will only drive transformation and generate revenue if the right tasks and functions are being automated.

Technology has always worked best when it operates in conjunction with people; the best technology will automate redundant tasks, rather than making roles redundant.

This brings us back to getting clarity around what you want your tech to do – identifying tasks that could be automated to give time back to your people to do more of what they’re good at will always yield positive results.

Those tasks could be as simple, such as:

• CRM data entry
• Logging calls and customer decisions
• Assigning new sales stages

However, they could be more complex, such as data analysis or sales forecasting predictions. Whatever tasks you choose to automate through technology, automation itself should not be the end goal.

Rather, you should be pursuing automation to enable your people to do their jobs more effectively and more efficiently.


Aligning technology with people and process

As we look at technology as the third lever of success, alongside people and process, it should be clear now how important it is to make sure that each lever is aligned properly with the other two.

This is especially true of technology. It’s imperative that the technology you use is right for the people using it, and for the process into which it will be integrated.

Countless business tools and solutions have fallen by the wayside because they’re simply unusable from a user experience perspective, or because they don’t fit within the processes and strategies of the organisation.

Alignment is the key to properly harnessing the full power of technology within your business, and it is the key to driving true, long-lasting sales transformation.

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