Welcome to Infinite Selling®

Exclusive to Mentor Group, Infinite Selling® is more than just a methodology; it's an entirely new way of selling.​

The concept of Infinite Selling® is a brand-new end-to-end selling process, methodology and ethos that transcends the traditional way of thinking to incorporate a true vision of Revenue Transformation, split across three key dimensions:

  • INFINITE Selling® Methodology
  • Infinite Selling® Ethos
  • Infinite Seller Attributes

The methodology, ethos, and attributes found in Infinite Selling® form the foundation for all our solutions to ensure you benefit from a unique approach that enables Sellers to become the best they can be and giving you a powerful competitive advantage to transform your Revenue Performance.

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INFINITE Selling® Methodology

The INFINITE Selling® Methodology is an all-new methodology designed for the today’s modern sellers and buyers.

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Based upon the principles of the Infinite Seller, the INFINITE Selling® methodology is a practical and proven structure that will transform your revenue realisation.

It has been written specifically to address the gap that has been created by older methodologies that were based on thinking developed in a previous century and are no longer relevant to today's buyers who expect much more than ever before but with less contact with a seller.

Combined with the Infinite Selling® ethos, this methodology will create happy sellers, happy buyers and, most importantly, drive up the 3 levers of revenue success: value, volume and velocity.

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Infinite Selling® Ethos

Infinite Selling® is more than just process or methodology. It is the start of a new movement and an ethos that will propel you and your organisation into another dimension of revenue success.

Whether you are new to selling, a seasoned seller, a revenue leader, or considering getting into the selling profession, Infinite Selling® will make you sit up and think differently.

It addresses, head-on, the need for change in selling, away from just clever sales techniques and aggressive language, towards a true profession and one that anyone should be proud to be part of.

The goal of Infinite Selling® is to challenge you to a new way of thinking about selling; one that is fit for purpose for a world that has changed from both sides of the table.

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Infinite Seller Attributes

Selling has changed. Buyers want to spend less and less time in front of a salesperson, and whatever interactions they do have with a seller will more than likely be digital and coming off the back of their own self-directed research.

If selling has changed, then the role of the seller must change with it – what got us to this point is not what is going to take us further.

Based on our Infinite Selling® principles, we have identified seven critical attributes that will determine the success or failure of the seller in the modern selling environment. 

The effective seller of today must be:

  • Digitally Literate
  • Buyer Focused
  • Agile
  • Strategic Thinkers
  • Continuous Learners
  • Revenue Focused
  • Values Driven

Want to know whether you or your team display these attributes? No problems, we have developed a free assessment that will help you discover where you are doing well and where you may need to focus on improving against the 7 attributes of the Infinite Seller. 

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