Elevating Sales Success: Top Apps for Mental Fitness

by Matt Webb / January 11, 2024

Targets are high. Pressure is constant. In the fast-paced world of sales, maintaining mental fitness in a demanding environment is crucial for sustained success. Prioritising mental health needs to be a cornerstone for high-velocity revenue generation, as well as good employee relations. 

Burn-out for high performing sales professionals remains at worryingly high levels; a recent survey from Gartner found 89 percent of sellers feel burnt out from work, with many actively looking to change jobs. 

As discussed in ‘Infinite Selling: The Modern Approach to High-Velocity Revenue Generation and Realisation’, I’m a big believer in mental fitness as a foundation to sales success. A supportive corporate culture is essential in the demanding, high-paced world of sales where performance is dominated by targets and publicly scrutinised within a workplace.

Thankfully, there’s a number of ways to help sales professionals prioritise their mental health. Here’s a look at some of the top apps to aid in providing a stable environment where you can strive for sales success. 


Headspace: the mindfulness maestro

Sales professionals often find themselves juggling multiple tasks, facing rejection, and dealing with high-stakes negotiations. Headspace, a pioneer in the mindfulness app space, offers guided meditation and mindfulness exercises to help sales teams manage stress and stay focused on their job. Regular use of Headspace has been linked to improved concentration, reduced anxiety, and enhanced overall well-being. 


Calm: tranquillity in your pocket

Calm is another app which can significantly contribute to mental fitness in sales professionals. Its diverse range of features includes guided meditations, sleep stories, and breathing exercises. For sales professionals who frequently experience high-pressure situations, Calm can serve as a pocket-sized oasis, fostering relaxation and mental clarity. 


Elevate: brain training for peak performance

Sales success relies heavily on cognitive abilities such as problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making - often in the heat of a moment. Elevate is an app designed to enhance these cognitive skills through personalised brain training exercises. By engaging in daily challenges, sales professionals can sharpen their minds, improve their overall performance and adapt to the demands of an increasingly competitive market. 


BetterHelp: your virtual support system

The demands of a career in sales can sometimes take a toll on mental health. Online therapy platforms, such as BetterHelp, connect users with licensed therapists, providing a confidential space to discuss challenges and see professional guidance. Offering convenience and accessibility, BetterHelp can be a vital resource for sales professionals looking to address and manage their mental health. 


SuperBetter: turn challenges into opportunities

Not convinced a mental health app is for you? SuperBetter is the one to try! It gamifies the process of overcoming challenges and building resilience. Users set goals, face power-ups, and engage in quests that turn everyday tasks into opportunities for personal growth. This app fosters a positive mindset, helping sales professionals view challenges as stepping stones towards success rather than obstacles. 


Sleep Cycle: optimising rest for peak performance

A lack of quality sleep is often associated with poor mental well-being, and has a detrimental impact on your overall mental health. Sales professionals facing tight deadlines and high expectations can benefit from Sleep Cycle, an app that analyses sleep patterns and wakes users during their lightest sleep phase. By ensuring a more restful night, sales teams will wake up more energised, ready to tackle the day’s challenges. 


Moodpath: emotional health companion

Moodpath is an app designed to track and analyse users’ emotional well-being. By providing daily insights and mood assessments, sales professionals can gain a better understanding of their emotional patterns. This self-reflection tool enables users to identify triggers, manage stressors, and take proactive steps towards maintaining a positive mental state. 


In the dynamic world of sales - where resilience and adaptability are paramount - mental fitness is the key to sustained success. The apps mentioned above offer a holistic approach to supporting the well-being of a sales professional, addressing stressors, fostering resilience, and enhancing cognitive abilities. 

As highlighted in ‘Infinite Selling’, taking a modern approach to high-velocity revenue generation involves not only mastering sales techniques, but also prioritising mental health to ensure your sales professionals are equipped for the nuances of their roles.

By incorporating mental health apps into their work routine, sales teams can fortify their mental fitness, leading to improved performance, increased job satisfaction, and a more sustainable approach to success in the ever-evolving sales landscape. 

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Matt Webb

Matt Webb

Matt is CEO of Mentor Group, specialising in revenue transformation and increasing the productivity and performance of sales organisations