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Ben Barton

Ben Barton
Using words to inform, persuade and entertain. From Travel Safety to the NFL, I write about anything and everything. Except for golf.

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As with any complex process, there will be a number of different factors and moving parts that will determine the success or failure of a sales transformation project.

The ability to measure the performance of your sales organisation accurately and concisely is a critical skill for any business.

The Power of Benchmarking

by Ben Barton / October 26, 2021

In our last two blogs, we’ve talked in depth about the ways in which our Sales Productivity Diagnostic (SPD) solution collects data, and how we can generate clear “health check” reports, complete...

In one of our most recent blogs, we introduced and explored one our sales transformation products, the Sales Productivity Diagnostic.If you haven’t read that blog yet, you can find it here. But...