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Your Revenue Transformation journey starts
right here

We are Mentor Group; a Revenue Transformation company redefining the profession of selling through a relentless passion for mutual success

Your revenue transformation journey starts right here

We are Mentor Group; a Revenue Transformation company redefining the profession of selling through a relentless passion for mutual success

Our Solutions Produce Tangible Results

49 %

increase in average deal size

28 %

increase in sales win rates

40 %

increase in cross-sells

17 %

increase in first month sales

Revenue Transformation Levers

In order to achieve sustainable changes in mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets - and ultimately to drive Revenue Transformation - we focus on impacting the Three Qs: IQ, EQ, and XQ.
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IQ refers to your intellect and knowledge; this is your innate intelligence, and your ability to grasp, learn, and develop concepts.

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EQ refers to your mindset and emotional capability; this is your ability to manage the human side of sales with key skills like empathy.

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XQ refers to processes and execution; this is your ability to embrace operational rigour, discipline in processes, and tactical execution.

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Revenue Consultancy

As specialists in Revenue Transformation, we have a wealth of experience in identifying the critical bottlenecks that prevent your organisation from experiencing tangible revenue growth.

Our Consultancy solutions integrate seamlessly into any organisation, turning data into insight, and insight into action, to build a clear pathway to Revenue Transformation.

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Revenue Enablement

Enablement is far more than just a fancy word for training. We leverage proven best practice and the latest technology to create powerful learning solutions aligned perfectly to the skill gaps within your business, delivered in-person, virtually, or completely digitally.

Every program is backed up by reinforcement frameworks that boost knowledge retention and consolidate performance gains.

Revenue Velocity Accelerator

Mentor Group's flagship Revenue Transformation Solution,
combining the best parts of our consultancy and enablement teams
drive incredible results.

Infinite Selling®

Exclusive to Mentor Group, Infinite Selling® is more than just a methodology; it's an entirely new way of selling.

The concept of Infinite Selling® is a brand-new end-to-end selling process, methodology and ethos that transcends the traditional way of thinking to incorporate a true vision of Revenue Transformation, split across three key dimensions:

  • INFINITE Selling® Methodology
  • Infinite Selling® Ethos
  • Infinite Seller Attributes

The methodology, ethos, and attributes found in Infinite Selling® form the foundation for all our solutions to ensure you benefit from a unique approach that enables Sellers to become the best they can be and giving you a powerful competitive advantage to transform your Revenue Performance.

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What Do Our Clients Think Of Us?

Director of Enablement, Immersive Labs

I am amazed at how much was accomplished in 3 months. Mentor Group listened intently to what was working and what wasn’t and brought the team so many innovative ideas to uplevel the Sales, Renewal, and CS processes. The training style is very effective, keeping things moving at a steady pace, sharing stories, and really listening when people ask questions to get at the heart of what they are asking.

Sales Development Manager, Lenovo

I can’t tell you enough how supportive Mentor Group has been over the last few weeks. They have 100% rallied round to not only support, but to think bigger, come up with suggestions, challenge and deliver. It’s felt like a real team effort and I am really appreciative how they have gone the extra mile and owned it.
They have always done an excellent job for us, but this was a step further and she certainly delivered.

Quality Control Manager, Lonza

This program provided helpful material that can be directly and immediately applied not only to interactions with external customers, but internal stakeholders as well.

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