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We help our clients to learn, practice and embed sustainable sales training through world class people, process and technology

What Do We Do?

Mentor Group redefines sales training with a modern end-to-end curriculum, cutting-edge technology, and world-class trainers. ​Our unique 'Learn, Practice, Embed' framework delivers a holistic solution that modernises sales training.​ Clients worldwide have achieved measurable outcomes with us—accelerated sales, quicker revenue realisation, and enhanced talent acquisition and retention.
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Our core curriculum of over 140 courses is delivered in person, via virtual platforms or with our award-winning digital learning platform, Kairos.

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A range of practical solutions that leverage world class technology to enable sellers to practice their skills in a risk-free environment, not in front of customers

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A set of solutions and consultancy that ensure your sales teams have a certified level of skill, follow powerful processes, and benefit from a consistent approach.

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Infinite Selling

Exclusive to Mentor Group, Infinite Selling® is more than just a methodology; it's an entirely new way of selling.

The concept of Infinite Selling® is a brand-new end-to-end selling process, methodology and ethos that transcends the traditional way of thinking to incorporate a true vision of Revenue Transformation, split across three key dimensions:

  • INFINITE Selling® Methodology
  • Infinite Selling® Ethos
  • Infinite Seller Attributes

The methodology, ethos, and attributes found in Infinite Selling® form the foundation for all our solutions to ensure you benefit from a unique approach that enables Sellers to become the best they can be and giving you a powerful competitive advantage to transform your Revenue Performance.

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