Building Account Based Selling Strategies with Revenue Intelligence

by Mentor Group / November 17, 2023

Account Based Selling, when done correctly, can be a very effective strategy to help your Revenue Generation teams across Sales and Marketing become more effective and more efficient.

By narrowing your targets to key accounts, you can benefit from a shorter sales cycle, higher conversion rates, and significantly improved customer retention by way of better stakeholder relationships.

An Account Based Selling strategy is useful, but in order to be truly effective, it will need to be built around a robust Revenue Intelligence strategy.

Below are some simple but powerful steps you can action today to leverage Revenue Intelligence to create an Account Based Selling strategy that drives repeatable, tangible Revenue growth.


Data-Driven Account Selection: 

Utilise Revenue Intelligence tools to analyse historical data and identify high-value target accounts that have the greatest potential for revenue growth. Assess the total addressable market (TAM) for each target account and use predictive analytics to score and prioritise them. 


Understanding the Account Landscape: 

Gather and analyse data on each target account to understand their business challenges, industry trends, and key decision-makers. Use Revenue Intelligence to map out the account’s organisational structure and buying process to personalise your approach. 


Tailored Messaging and Content: 

Develop personalised messaging that speaks to the specific pain points, goals, and business outcomes for each account. Use insights gained from Revenue Intelligence to customise the content and communications for different stakeholders within the account. 


Engagement Tracking: 

Implement tracking systems to monitor engagement levels with each target account across various channels. Leverage Revenue Intelligence to measure the effectiveness of different messaging and strategies, adjusting tactics as needed. 


Insight-Based Sales Plays: 

Craft sales plays and sequences that are informed by Revenue Intelligence, ensuring that sales efforts are aligned with what the data is showing about account behaviour and preferences. Use AI and machine learning to fine-tune these sales plays over time based on engagement and conversion metrics. 


Predictive Analytics for Timing: 

Utilise predictive analytics to determine the best times to engage with each account based on their historical engagement patterns and sales cycle data. 


Collaborative Account Planning: 

Encourage a collaborative approach where sales, marketing, and customer success teams work together on account strategy, informed by real-time intelligence and shared data. Use Revenue Intelligence platforms to provide a single source of truth for account data that all teams can access. 


Customised Solution Selling: 

Use insights from Revenue Intelligence to understand the unique needs of each account and tailor your solutions accordingly. Position your products or services in a way that aligns with the account’s strategic initiatives and can drive measurable business outcomes. 


Performance Measurement and Optimisation: 

Continuously measure the results of account-based selling efforts with Revenue Intelligence metrics like customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, win rates, and sales cycle lengths. Adjust and optimise the ABS strategy based on what the data reveals about the most effective tactics and strategies. 


Customer Success Integration: 

Integrate customer success milestones and health scores from Revenue Intelligence into the ABS approach to identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. Use customer success data to tailor ongoing engagement and retention strategies for each account. 


Alignment Across Teams: 

Ensure that marketing, sales, and customer success teams are aligned on goals, messaging, and strategies for each target account. Use Revenue Intelligence tools to facilitate communication and share insights across teams. 


Leverage Technology: 

Invest in Revenue Intelligence and ABS technologies that provide automation, CRM integration, and advanced analytics to scale the strategy effectively. Choose technologies that offer actionable insights, not just raw data, to guide decision-making. 

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