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The Future Is Still Unwritten

Author: James Barton

In 1959 software sales made up a total of 0% of US GDP – can you guess the figure for 2020?


30%? 40%? 50%?


Nope… 2%. Just 2!!


And that is forecasted even after the current unsavoury events.


This totally blew my mind but helped me realise just how much growth potential there still is in and around technology and solutions.

Just look at what has happened in the first quarter of this year:

  1. Zoom has seen daily meetings go from 10 million in December to 300 million in April.
  2. WebEx handled 4 million meetings in one day alone and Microsoft saw 44 million users in April
  3. YouTube saw new views increase by 75% year on year
  4. Facebook saw a total messaging increase by 50%
  5. Amazon has hired an extra 100,000 people, employing 840,000 worldwide and delivering more than 10 billion items worldwide a year
  6. Virtual dating app Hinge saw a 30% increase in messaging in March, and Tinder saw the length of user conversations increase by 30%

And we are still at just 2% of GDP!

My point here is there is room for growth, and an unprecedented opportunity as software becomes more and more central to what we do.


If you are a follower of the tech news, you will be aware of the rumours of Apple Glass, Apple’s first foray into the world of Augmented Reality (AR) wearables. This is despite the consumer failure of Google Glass and Microsoft’s Hololens.


Over the years I have watched the development of this technology, and have been saying that this will be the next quantum shift in how we interact with technology as we move away from devices into a whole new world; a world driven by software.


Google and Microsoft largely failed (debatable as both products have strong take-up outside of consumers) as their devices were either too big or did not have enough functionality. Crucially, AR was missing the ‘killer app’, the software that everyone HAS to have.


Personally, I think the killer app will be real-time data feeds, pushing updates and information directly into the line of sight of the user.

Here are some examples of why that could be useful:

  1. Real-time ‘discount’ information as you are walking down the high street
  2. Live conversation starters for people on their first dates
  3. On-demand stock information untethering you from your desk
  4. Sales tips and tactics when you are meeting your client


Of course, in my role, the last one is the most exciting.

In conclusion…

With our DLaaS solution, we can already look to give in-the-moment training and recommendations based upon previous behaviours and sales data, but it comes alive when all that knowledge can be presented to the seller in the middle of the conversation, ensuring they are bringing the best value they can to the customer.


Just think about it; we are progressing from a coach in your pocket to a coach in your head.


OK, that sounds a bit creepy, but you get my point.


Our world is about to change again: just when you thought you were getting the hang of things, here comes the next pivot.


Embrace the pivot and hold on to your hats!

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