Sales Productivity Diagnostic and the Power of Actionable Insights

by Ben Barton / October 20, 2021

In one of our most recent blogs, we introduced and explored one our sales transformation products, the Sales Productivity Diagnostic.

If you haven’t read that blog yet, you can find it here. But for a quick overview, we introduced the Sales Productivity Diagnostic as a 'health check' for your sales organisation, providing you with a benchmark report and a set of unique, data-driven performance metrics against which you can measure the performance of every area of your sales team.


Underpinning the functionality of the Sales Productivity Diagnostic is powerful data that we have collected over our many years in the industry. Through factor analysis, we’ve been able to identify the seven critical KPIs that most consistently determine and drive success in sales; we call these KPIs the Magic Seven.

The Magic Seven sales performance metrics are:

• Sales Pipeline Coverage
• Average Deal Size
• Sales Funnel Leakage
• Time to Close
• Conversion Rate
• Customer Acquisition Cost
• Customer Lifetime Value

Measuring your sales teams against these metrics allows us to generate clear and concise reports that allow you to not only benchmark against industries, markets, geographies and competitors, but inside your sales organisation too.

Collecting all of this data is, of course, a valuable and crucial step in the process. But data on its own means nothing without the right insights.

That’s where our team of sales experts come in.

There are an abundance of factors that can negatively impact sales performance, and so the ability to drill down into the data and highlight which areas are serving as the bottleneck to your success is a critical skill, and one that our team have spent years mastering and honing to ensure that you get the right data, driving the right insights, leading to the right actions.

With decades of experience in sales, technology and performance coaching, we are able to turn the data we collect into tangible, actionable insights that give you and your sales organisation a clear pathway to growth and success.

Because the data we collect and the reports we generate are unique to your organisation, so too are the recommended actions.

We know that there is no one size fits all approach to sales transformation and sales productivity, which is why we ensure that every step of the journey with the Sales Productivity Diagnostic is individually tailored to the unique needs and growth areas of your business.

So whilst the principles that form the foundation of the Sales Productivity Diagnostic will remain the same, the process for achieving the results you’re looking for are malleable and adaptable to seamlessly match your business requirements

Even more importantly, we take the time to know your business, meaning that when we’re looking at the data and pulling out insights, we’re able to do so within the context of your business.

By contextualising the insights and accounting for factors unique to your organisation or industry, we’re able to hone and sharpen our analysis even further, with in turn leads to even more targeted, specific actions that are actually attainable for your business.

No more generic goals or impossible targets; just concise insights that drive sustainable actions that in turn drive consistent growth and success for your sales organisation.

Learn more about the Sales Productivity Diagnostic here, and start selling more often, for more money, faster than ever before today.

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