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Talent Development in Times of Uncertainty

Author: Mentor Group Directors

Published March 2020

We are aware of the increasing impact that COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is having on the world – not just in terms of health, but also the practical impact it is having on global organisations, including some of our customers. Among other things, this is affecting their short-term thinking around the question of employees travelling to learning & development programmes.


At the same time organisations are recognising, now more than ever, the importance of effective and consistent talent development in both leadership and sales. Their need to be competitive in their markets continues, whatever disruption there may be. As a result, the need for continued talent development remains constant… but how to deliver it?


Here at Mentor Group, we have already introduced a number of clients to our proactive Blended Learning approach, using Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT). Our VILT strategy provides clients with the platform, skills and experience to consistently deliver successful training without travel and the risk of exposure to COVID-19.
VILT attendees benefit from a proven high standard of learning and engagement, with effective skills development where they can replicate the situations and challenges they face with customers, but in a structured virtual environment, with detailed coaching feedback.
The article below, by McKinsey, underlines the continuing need to focus on talent development. We believe that despite what is happening, we must all continue to develop our people.

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