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ISMM Successful Selling Exhibition

On the 17th of October the Mentor Group together with Prism Brain mapping will be exhibiting at this year’s Successful Selling exhibition. The exhibition has been running for over 20 years and is delivered in partnership with the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management’s (ISMM). It’s being held at the Ricoh in Coventry and is… Read More »


Mentor Blog – Coaching Out Fear

Coaching Out Fear By James Barton Since I first qualified as a corporate performance coach, I have been interested in the differences in the approach to other sorts of management styles. The obvious key difference is how we have to resist the urge to tell people what to do, and instead create that environment where… Read More »


Getting a Competitive Edge: The Power of Adaptive Selling

Getting a Competitive Edge: The Power of Adaptive Selling By Simon Hazeldine Talk to any sales professional about how challenging the current economic environment is and they will tell you about product margins decreasing due to increased competition and more aggressive and professional procurement becoming the norm. In addition they will tell you how it is… Read More »


Mentor Blog – Do Salespeople Make Good Negotiators?

Do Salespeople Make Good Negotiators? Do you think that your sales team you are as effective at negotiating as the procurement professionals they are facing across the buying table? I’ve got some bad news for you… In the course of my work as a consultant and corporate trainer in the areas of sales and negotiation… Read More »


Innovate to Differentiate

Innovate to Differentiate – by James Barton Robert Goizueta is famously quoted for saying “In real estate it’s location, location, location but in business it’s differentiate, differentiate differentiate” I love this as it truly encapsulates how I feel about innovation. Far too often I see different companies regurgitating the same tired products or services with… Read More »


Global Customers, Global Solutions

Global Customers, Global Solutions Over the last few years, Mentor Group has seen a significant shift in their customer base with customers increasingly looking for Global Solutions to meet the needs of their teams worldwide. This shift has lead Mentor Group to become one of the leaders in the use of cutting edge technologies such… Read More »


Mentor Blog – What We Can Learn From Generation C

What We Can Learn From Generation C – by James Barton Many people have heard of generation X or even generation Y, but whenever I ask what people know of generation C, I nearly always draw a blank. This is not surprising as there are a number of variations of the definition of generation C,… Read More »