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Success In A Virtual Environment

This series of virtual workshops has been created for those in sales and other customer-facing functions to maximise their success and productivity when remote working.

Although many organisations have people and functions that are already operating in a virtual environment, the current global travel culture – and the rapid shift to home working for suppliers and clients – changes both the dynamic of virtual learning and the need to align and develop our customer-facing people on a scale we have never experienced previously.

These modules will be delivered via webinar to small groups of up to 10 people, serving as introductory sessions or as part of a ‘train the trainer’ framework. All the modules will incorporate the latest technology in line with our experience and best practice to ensure an interactive, practical, application-based solution covering the mindset, skillset and toolset required for working remotely effectively, and for driving continued success in your business.

There are three modules aimed at different groups:

Virtual Managing
and Coaching

1.     Being ready for remote working

2.     Self-management when remote working

3.    Staying connected remotely

4.     High impact communication using video, voice and visuals

1.     Maximising key selling time

2.     Developing relationships at a distance

3.     Best practice uses of virtual technology in selling

4.     Managing the virtual sales process

1.     Self-Management during remote working

2.     Best practice uses of virtual technology in managing remotely

3.     Different remote performance meetings and structure

4.     Managing and coaching performance at a distance


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