Our Passion, Focus and Expertise…True Sales Transformation

At Mentor Group, our passion, focus and expertise fall into three areas within sales transformation. Our differentiation in the market place is the ability to produce sales transformation solutions to meet client’s needs focused around business growth, by connecting data to insights, and then insights to actions.

We achieve this by using behavioural change (part of EQ), technology (part of IQ) and a powerful sales management process (part of XQ), all of which are measurable and sustainable across the three areas of Sales Mastery, Sales Management and Sales Analytics & Dashboards.


  • Sales Leadership Programmes
  • Sales Management Process
  • Sales Management Cadence
  • Sales Coaching Mastery for Leaders

The 3 Dimensions of Sales Management…

This new way of working is all about looking at sales, and particularly the role of the Sales Manager, from 3 dimensions.

These dimensions are what we call EQ, IQ and XQ and when put together form the formula for powerful sales performance and highly successful sales transformation and are central to Mentor Group and our 3D Sales Transformation® solution.

Our ability to lead, motivate and coach our sales teams to drive sales performance

Focuses on our ability to interpret data that creates insights which ultimately lead to high performance actions

Develops the heartbeat and power of best practice sales management processes and actions on a regular cadence

…all of which delivers sales management impact at an individual, team and organisational level


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