Sales Transformation Series: The Power of Process

by Ben Barton / August 11, 2021

We believe in following best practice in every area of business, applying an analytical approach to what we do and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry.

There is a tendency – especially amongst sales teams – to make personnel changes when things aren’t operating as they should within your business.

This knee jerk response to business issues is not only detrimental to your business and the culture within it – it’s very often the wrong response entirely.


Poor processes will sink your business

Across our decades of experience in the industry, and our position as subject matter experts in sales and sales transformation, we have seen that the majority of issues we come across are issues of process, not issues of people.

Whether it’s moving away from best practice, or beating the drum on a strategy that’s shown itself to be ineffective in your specific industry or business model, time and time again we’ve seen teams of very skilled salespeople hamstrung by processes and strategies that make their job harder.

You can have the most talented salespeople on your payroll, and the most effective technology at your disposal, but if your processes aren’t aligned with your people and your technology, then you’re effectively multiplying by zero.

Why is this the case?


Sales is 80% process, 20% talent

Good process is the bedrock of effective sales. We have decades of research at our disposal that helps outline the best practice for salespeople and sales managers – we also have our very own Sales Productivity Blueprint that lays out a clear, holistic roadmap to exponential growth and success for your sales teams.

If you follow the right process, you will get success. The other two levers we’re talking about in this series, people and technology, both hinge upon the lever of process.

This is such a foundational element of sales transformation that when we deliver sales training, the most effective training we offer is not around sales skills or tactics; it’s almost always about training people to follow the right process, or establish the right process in the first place.

But what is it that makes process so powerful for your business?


Good process will generate predictable results

In sales, so many of the decisions we make and the avenues we choose to explore are based around predictions. We talked about this in a recent blog about sales forecasting, and the importance of having the right data as well as good data.

The ability to predict results within your team will reap myriad benefits across the organisation, from sales wins to better resource allocation and management all the way to better hiring cycles and skills development strategies.

Predictable results mean informed choices, and informed choices (for the most part) generate more revenue for your business.

This is the real gold of a robust, proven sales process – implementing a good process will generate predictable results, which in turn means that good process will generate more revenue for your business.

Now for the most crucial question – what makes a process good?


Sales Productivity Blueprint

As mentioned earlier, we have decades of research that we can call upon to help outline the best processes and strategies for salespeople and sales managers. That body of research, in conjunction with our own experience within the industry, is what our Sales Productivity Blueprint is built on.

The Sales Productivity Blueprint is a configurable process map designed to dramatically impact revenue. It works by integrating strategic planning, marketing, sales and customer service to allow you to create the conditions for true revenue optimisation.

It’s a truly holistic approach to driving Sales Transformation, spanning 10 key areas of focus across your entire business, and is always uniquely tailored to your business; one size does not fit all, so we make sure that each blueprint is specifically tailored to your needs.

For more information about the Sales Productivity Blueprint, visit the webpage today by clicking this link. You can also watch a video interview of our resident Sales Productivity Blueprint expert below.



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