A Checklist to Consider

by Steve Promisel / September 24, 2020

When implementing a sales productivity program as described in the previous parts of this series, it is helpful to review the following six items which we have found to be critical success factors in driving sales productivity through optimized learning:

  1. Do you have current core content available in any form? (product info, sales process & methodology, product pitch, solution offerings, market insights, sales tool usage, etc.)
  2. Do you have people assigned to develop role-specific learning paths, do training, curate content, develop assessments and certifications, provide product and process expertise? Some of these roles can be combined into individual personnel, but they all should be available.
  3. Do you have sales coaches in your enablement team? This is the critical success factor in a sales productivity program.
  4. Are you implementing a hybrid learning approach that encompasses live, web-based, e-learning, and video snippets with assessments and certification?
  5. Are you regularly analyzing adoption statistics and implementing course corrections where needed?
  6. Are you consistently executing this optimal learning approach across all opportunities to share knowledge with the sales force?
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Steve Promisel

Steve Promisel

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