Sales Transformation as a Service

Enabling the next generation of digital selling
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The problem is simple; buyers have moved on. They demand new ways to choose and buy their products, and those ways simply don't match well with some of today's sellers.

Additionally, more people are working and selling from home as face-to-face selling is replaced with a remote approach. So how do today's sellers adapt in time to respond to these shifts in buyer behaviour?

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Sales Transformation as a Service

Our Sales Transformation as a Service solution is purpose-built to completely transform the way sellers sell, introducing a digital-first methodology to support home and remote workers and encourage exponential growth.

How Does It Work?

Our Sales Transformation solution is designed to help in three key ways:


As selling changes, so do the the skills and attributes of successful sales people.

Mentor Group's CogMap® can help you assess your sales team and their capability, identify areas where they could improve and help you recruit the right people in the first place.


Our Kairos digital delivery platform allows you to provide each and every person within your organisation with the best digital learning experiences, no matter where they work.

You can deliver digital training, communication and office assets all from one place.


Designed from the ground up to support remote and home workers, our Sales Transformation as a Service solution can provide your entire organisation with the tools and resources to drive exceptional results, regardless of employee locations.

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How could you use our Digital Selling Transformation?

To support sellers who are now working remotely or from home due to changes in company policy or for personal reasons
To ensure that productivity and performance remain high, regardless of disruption in the various locations of your employees
To support the attraction and retention of key talent by providing tools and solutions that differentiate your business from the competition
To transform your business as it adjusts to new market conditions by enabling your sales team with the very best tools, training and assessments