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Sales Productivity Diagnostic

A deep-dive sales analytics tool
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The pain points surrounding businesses today are extensive, from the shift towards remote working, to sales reps consistently missing targets, to failing to achieve profitable growth.

CSO Insights 2019 Report on World Class Sales Practices points to 3 areas underpinning these pain points: inefficient internal operations, ineffective sales process/methodology, and organisational misalignment.

To address all three of these areas, organisations need to do something different and break the chain of doing the same thing and expecting and different results. Solving one variable moves the needs, but it doesn’t change the game. We need to understand the data so we can make the right changes, in the right places, at the right time.

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Introducing the Sales Productivity Diagnostic

The Sales Productivity Diagnostic is a unique tool that can be deployed on your CRM to identify sales issues that may be holding back your opportunity for excellence, providing a deep dive into critical insights to unlock the next level of sales performance and productivity.

How Does It Work?

The Sales Productivity Diagnostic hinges on a simple but powerful three step process; Data to Insight to Action, or DIA.


The critical first step is connect our diagnostic tool to your CRM and configure it to collect the data needed to find the insights.


Once we have the data, we can start to create the visualisation that will uncover the key insights on sales performance.


Once we have identified the insights, we can then work with you on the key actions and recommendations that can take place.

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What data do we look at?

When looking at the data we look at the data from two levels. The first level is a high level view, understanding the critical elements and operating environment.

The second level is a deeper dive into the analytics, looking at things like demand generation effectiveness and benchmarks against best practice.

At the first level, we look at things such as sales strategy or sales deployment. At the second level, we begin looking at areas like demand generation, compensation analysis or models of future pipeline projections.

What insights do we get?

Insights will always vary from client to client, but most fall under four areas that, when diagnosed and fixed, can make a huge difference in your sales productivity and performance.

Those areas are:

  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Sales Processes
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Technology Enhancements

What actions do we take?

With the insights varying from client to client, so do the relevant actions, but common actions include:

  • Developing sales process blueprints
  • Providing training materials and delivery platforms
  • Implementing a robust coaching model to drive continuous improvement.
  • Creating playbooks to drive sustainment
  • Integrating an analytics solution to track results and recommend areas for improvement
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