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by Chris Norton / February 18, 2020

I recently watched a Netflix film about Steve Job’s life. It got me thinking about his legacy and his success when it suddenly struck me… Not only did he leave a magnificent legacy of products, he also left an “operating system” within Apple that was more than just the software or products.

He left the key principles of operating the business beyond his tenure. One example is the Apple in-store customer experience. Full of experts eager to help and then followed by the experience of receiving your Apple product, eager to open a beautifully presented package… both masterclasses in delight with the customer at the heart of everything he created.

It got me thinking about the operating system of success and the ability to simplify the complex with consistent and repeatable application. What if this same operating system could be applied to help us to greater happiness, contribution and fulfilment in life?


Upgrade your operating system

We could use the analogy that an operating system (of a phone or computer), is similar to the human brain. With our body acting as the hardware and our brain acting as the operating system, how can we upgrade and develop our operating systems? Particularly, to thrive rather than survive in these unprecedented times.

I believe neuroscience can give us that upgrade. I have been fortunate to meet and work with one of the leading figures in this world: Shirzad Chamine.

Shirzad is the founder and owner of Positive intelligence. He is a Stanford lecturer, New York Times bestselling author and he has researched mental fitness with 500,000 participants from across business, sports, politics and at a company and individual level.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Shirzad for 10+ years now and have seen the impact of his work, both personally and in a much wider context. His neuroscience-based tools are pragmatic and immediately actionable. They grow the three core mental muscles associated with peak performance and positive mindset even in the midst of the most challenging times.

One way of looking at this is that we spend a huge amount of our time and development on creating our knowledge, cognitive skills and behaviours through education, which continues into adult learning. We develop our physical wellbeing continually from childhood through to adult life. The question is, how much time do we spend developing our mental fitness?

Consider if we could build our mental fitness into an operating system that is as efficient as the operating systems in our computers and phones. With Positive Intelligence, we can do exactly that.


Is this interesting to you and do you want to find out more?

We are running webinars at a company level together with Shirzad Chamine (we have retained Shirzad and so this event will incur no fees and no charge). Our only pre-condition is that we can gather 50+ people per company event. We would also be happy to talk to you about personalising and contextualising for you. 

Shirzad has run mental fitness sessions to the Young President Organisation (a global leadership community) and with several of our clients.

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Chris Norton

Chris Norton

Owner-Director at Mentor Group, Author and Leadership Coach