Revenue Velocity Diagnostic

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A powerful diagnostic report, powered by our partners at Ebsta, the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic provides a comprehensive report and insights into an organisation’s Revenue performance by deep diving and inspecting critical sales data and seller behaviours.

With over $37bn of pipeline data at their disposal, the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic can also benchmark you against other companies for a comprehensive view of your position within the marketplace.

It moves data, through insight, into action to help you know where to put your focus for maximum results.

Data To Insight To Action

At the heart of the Revenue Accelerator Diagnostic is data. CRM solutions that  sellers provide, such as or HubSpot, are using buckets of data every day.

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From this data, the Ebsta tools are able to extract critical insights that cover all the critical areas of revenue performance, from pipeline to forecast and from relationships to activity.

The insights are then pulled into a comprehensive and highly detailed report covering what works well and what may need attention. These insights are presented clearly and graphically, which doesn’t need a data analyst to interpret them.

Finally, one of Mentor Groups’ skilled Revenue Accelerator Diagnostic consultants then reviews the results and makes recommendations and actions that could be taken to resolve areas of risk and improve on those areas already working well.

We call this process Data Insights Action and it enables us to give any organisation that is interested in improving its Revenue Performance a comprehensive and detailed diagnostic to remove the guesswork out of where to focus.

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How It Works

To create the report, we first need to gather the information. This is done by implementing Ebsta's data collection tools. These tools silently work in the background and meticulously analyse the data held in to your CRM and your email solution. We don’t even have to come on-site, the report can be done 100% remotely.

Collecting Data

This process can take a couple of weeks to ensure all the data is captured, but will cover every area of data held in your CRM and email tools.

Generating Insight

Once the data has been collected, these data points are transformed from a bunch numbers into graphically useful insights that highlight various areas of revenue performance.

Recommended Action

Finally, our Revenue Diagnostic Consultants take the base insights, create the full report and add recommendations on what actions would have the most impact and where to focus your attention.

What's Included?

The Revenue Velocity Diagnostic is a comprehensive overview of the revenue health of your organisation. You get reports on:

  • CRM Data - understand what data has been analysed. On average, 40-60% of all your contacts are missing from your CRM.
  • Data Quality - understand how good your data really is. Highlight the right personas from the right ICPs where you have strong relationships but they sit outside your CRM.
  • Relationship Intelligence - understand which customers are engaging with you and which ones are not. Generating a great relationship (measured by Ebsta's Relationship Score metric) with stakeholders results in at least 4.2x increase in win rates.
  • Revenue Intelligence - understand your key Revenue Performance Metrics and see how they changed over time. 
  • Team Performance - understand how your teams are performing, where they excel, and where they struggle. We all know our top and bottom performers, but struggle to identify areas to target for effective enablement to level the playing field.
  • Forecast Accuracy - understand how well you are forecasting, and improve forecasting to ~95% by failing faster and focusing on what's important.
  • Funnel Analytics - understand your entire sales funnel in depth. Drive velocity by ensuring stages are adhered to and reducing opportunity drop-off.
  • Pipeline At Risk - understand which deals in your pipeline are at risk, and utilise real-time insights to course correct.
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