Introducing the
Revenue Velocity Accelerator

The Revenue Velocity Accelerator is Mentor Group's flagship Revenue Transformation solution, combining the best parts of our consultancy and enablement teams to transform any Revenue Organisation.

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How does the Revenue Velocity Accelerator work?

The Revenue Velocity Accelerator runs through four key stages, starting with critical consultancy and discovery before moving into powerful, targeted enablement to arrive at the end goal: tangible, repeatable Revenue Transformation.

Revenue Velocity Diagnostic and Intelligence Tools

You will start with the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic to establish a baseline for your results, and to prioritise which enablement solutions will move the needle for your business.

As we move to implement, we will introduce our Revenue Intelligence tools and embed them and their associated behaviours.

These tools drive consistency, encourage procedural rigour, and improve Revenue significantly, no matter what measure you use

Infinite Selling Methodology and System

The methodology, ethos, and attributes found in our INFINITE Selling methodology form the foundation for the solutions to ensure you benefit from a unique approach that enables sellers to become the bestthey can be and gives you a powerful competitive advantage.


To complement the Methodology, we also implement a Revenue Management System which introduces a cadence of meetings that reduce friction and dramatically increase results through discipline, rigour and best practice.

Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence

The Revenue Velocity Accelerator is much more than just a bunch of meetings and a methodology; it is an entirely new way of selling and incorporates a revolutionary approach to Sellers wellbeing through Mental Fitness.

Working in Partnership with Positive Intelligence, this ground-breaking addition will ensure your sellers are working at peak performance whilst maintaining their mental fitness, which not only promotes outrageous performance but also acts as part of your talent attraction and retention strategy.

Revenue Intelligence Metrics

Finally, we generate Revenue Intelligence metrics on a quarterly basis so you can see first-hand the impact the solution is bringing as well as evidencing the ROI. This means you can see the results the progrm is having by using consistent metrics and gives you the opportunity to fine-tune and further accelerate to meet the needs of the business and to achieve your revenue goals.

This turns data into insights into action, ensuring you are getting the most impact out of your sales data.

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Infinite Selling: The Foundation

Mentor Group have nearly 3 decades of experience working in Revenue Transformation and have pulled all this knowledge together to develop Infinite Selling, a bold new approach to high performance Revenue Generation and Realisation.

The concept of Infinite Selling is a brand-new end-to-end selling process, methodology and ethos that transcends the traditional way of thinking to incorporate a true vision of Revenue Transformation, shared across three key dimensions; the INFINITE Selling Methodology, Infinite Selling Ethos, and Infinite Seller Attributes.

The methodology, ethos, and attributes found in our INFINITE Selling methodology, form the foundation for all our solutions to ensure you benefit from a unique approach that enables sellers to become the best they can be and gives you a powerful competitive advantage.

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Revenue Velocity Diagnostic

A powerful diagnostic report, powered by our partners at Ebsta, the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic provides a comprehensive report and insights into an organisation’s Revenue performance by deep diving and inspecting critical sales data and seller behaviours.

With over $37bn of pipeline data at their disposal, the Revenue Velocity Diagnostic can also benchmark you against other companies for a comprehensive view of your position within the marketplace.

It moves data, through insight, into action to help you know where to put your focus for maximum results.

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Revenue Intelligence

Partnering with our friends at Ebsta, Mentor Group can provide you with real-time Revenue insights that drive growth and success. This includes revolutionary relationship scoring, opportunity scoring, pipeline analytics, and forecasting support that transform the capabilities of your current CRM.

The Revenue Intelligence solution is incredibly versatile, providing critical insights in a range of key performance areas, from sales mangers looking to identify where to allocate resources, to business leaders wanting to understand the effectiveness of their sales engine, to quarterly reports that highlight the impact of Revenue Enablement activities.

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Supporting Direct, Channels, and Partners

Whether you are looking for consultancy or enablement solutions, or are interested in our flagship Revenue Velocity Accelerator solution, Mentor Group can adjust the lens to better suit businesses that generate Revenue directly from clients, through a channel, or through a partner.​

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With nearly 30 years of experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes across all verticals and markets, you can rest assured that we will find a solution that fits your business like a glove and consistently delivers exceptional results.

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