Revenue Talent Transformation

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Focused on your Revenue Talent, our Revenue Talent Transformation programs will ensure your most precious assets are continually being developed, with a distinct focus on driving Revenue performance.​

Why Do You Need Revenue Talent Transformation?

In these difficult times, too many businesses are experiencing these common challenges. The highest achievers are overcoming them by harnessing three powerful opportunities to reach ambitious growth targets.

Common Challenges

  • Global downturn increasing costs & competition
  • Not enough salespeople hitting quota
  • Low quantity and poor quality pipeline
  • Low conversion rates
  • Inaccurate and unpredictable forecasting
  • Excessive customer churn
  • Wasting time and money on underperforming GTM segments
  • Siloed customer-facing teams creating disjointed buying experiences that lose revenue and increase costs
  • Keeping up with buyer demand
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Powerful Opportunities

Investing in scalable growth initiatives to transform and align client facing teams to reduce inefficiency and increase effectiveness


Identifying and reducing spend on underperforming GTM segments and marketing; reallocating resources to high performing programs and more lucrative market segments


Improving the Value, Volume, and Velocity of your sales pipeline to improve predictability and increase both Revenue and EBITDA, and therefore achieving your growth targets

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How Does It Work?

Mentor Group have developed a powerful set of core Revenue Enablement programs, based on our Infinite Selling® methodology, that provide sellers with the tools, skills, and mentality to become elite sellers and consistently outperform their Revenue targets. This core content has been designed to address the four major problems that our customers are looking to resolve.  ​

A series of programs and modules to enable sellers to ensure there are sufficient opportunities in their pipelines

Subjects covered in this program include:

• Generating Sales Leads
• Infinite Prospecting
• Customer Value Messaging
• Story-Based Sales Engagement
• Qualifying and Discovering Customer Needs

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A series of programs and modules to provide sellers with the skills and resources to ensure opportunities have velocity and are not getting stuck

Subjects covered in this program include:

• Infinite Selling®
• Selling Value
• Consulting to Sell
• Developing a Closing Mindset
• Deal Planning
• Pitching to Win
• Value-Based Negotiation

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A series of programs and modules to protect and grow a seller's accounts to ensure consistent Revenue Performance

Subjects covered in this program include:

• Managing Customer Accounts for Growth
• Managing Customer Accounts for Retention
• Account-Based Marketing
• Managing Revenue Through a Channel

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A series of programs and modules to ensure exceptional Sales Productivity from the top down

Subjects covered in this program include:

• High Performance Revenue Leadership
• Leading Key Account Performance
• Coaching Revenue Performance
• Leading a Channel Business
• The Productive Seller

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Delivery Options

Whether you are looking for traditional Instructor Led or Virtual Instructor Led (ILT/VILT) programs or want to use newer technologies, Mentor Group have you covered.

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Revenue Transformation Levers

In order to achieve sustainable changes in mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets - and ultimately to drive Revenue Transformation - we focus on impacting the Three Qs: IQ, EQ, and XQ.
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IQ refers to your intellect and knowledge; this is your innate intelligence, and your ability to grasp, learn, and develop concepts.

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EQ refers to your mindset and emotional capability; this is your ability to manage the human side of sales with key skills like empathy.

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XQ refers to processes and execution; this is your ability to embrace operational rigour, discipline in processes, and tactical execution.

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Supporting Direct, Channels, and Partners

Whether you are looking for consultancy or enablement solutions, or are interested in our flagship Revenue Velocity Accelerator solution, Mentor Group can adjust the lens to better suit businesses that generate Revenue directly from clients, through a channel, or through a partner.​

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With nearly 30 years of experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes across all verticals and markets, you can rest assured that we will find a solution that fits your business like a glove and consistently delivers exceptional results.