We worked with this client to create and deploy a new Playbook, the Customer Reactivation Power Play.

This program generated $3,159,915 in net new pipeline.


The play resulted in almost $40 million dollars in net new business with an ROI substantially higher than 20:1

Based on the history of results, we knew we had the right strategy and the right partner for this global initiativ e,” said the Vice President of Global Sales Transformation.

“Rather than running plays as one-off events in each region, we are leveraging Coaching in the Cloud Power! Plays to build a global prospecting culture and transform how our sales force identifies net -new opportunities for our expanding portfolio of products and services.”

Inside and Field Sales in the Americas are working on a Tier 1 virtualization play. The first plays in Phase 1 have completed phase 1, and the results once again ran true to form. These Plays have yielded: