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Our market-leading suite of products have been designed to help transform sales teams, and drive exponential growth.
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Kairos is a data-driven Learning Experience Platform, designed specifically to meet the needs of modern learners by providing individual learning plans based on actual business data, ensuring the right content is presented to the right person at the right time.

Coaching as a Service

Coaching as a Service provides on-demand access to specialist sales coaches, who are focused on and dedicated to driving  consistent, tangible growth in the value, volume and velocity of your sales pipeline.


CogMap® is an app developed by world-class neuroscientists who have spent their careers working with elite performers. CogMap® takes their expertise and helps identify your sales talent’s performance, cognitive profile, and reduce the bottleneck of learning.

Sales Productivity Diagnostic

The Sales Productivity Diagnostic is a unique tool that can be deployed on your CRM to identify sales issues that may be holding back your opportunity for excellence, providing a deep dive into critical insights to unlock the next level of sales performance and productivity.

Sales Productivity Blueprint

The Sales Productivity Blueprint is a configurable process map designed to dramatically impact revenue. This next-generation revenue operations approach works by integrating strategic planning, marketing, sales and customer service to allow you to create the conditions for true revenue optimisation.

Sales Content Library and Delivery

Our Sales Content Library is a comprehensive package of best-in-class sales training programs, deliverable as instructor-led or virtual instructor-led courses, with content ranging from virtual selling and account planning to demand generation and remote negotiations.

Sales Academy

Mentor Group's Sales Academy is a unique virtual training environment designed to enable small and medium sized businesses to empower their sales team, delivering critical skills and coaching directly to the pockets of your people.
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Our solutions


Powered by eTS Labs, Solutioneering takes your idea or concept and adds meat to the bones, turning it into something that can be explained or visualised - something that helps you understand what you're trying to build.


Powered by eTS Labs, our Prototype build services will help you create a real solution to help convince your market that what you have is more than a good idea - you have a real product, solving real problems, worth real money.


Powered by eTS Labs, Production involves our developers, business analysts and solution architects all coming together to build a fully-fledged solution.


Powered by eTS Labs, our Support team manages all the things you don't want to, providing complete, ongoing technical support from 1st to 3rd line.

Travel Safe 360

Powered by eTravelSafety, Travel Safe 360 is a hyper-intelligent travel risk management solution o keep your people safe while they travel, wherever they go.

Chatbot Charlie

Powered by eTravelSafety, Chatbot Charlie is the world's first Travel Safety chatbot, designed to change the way you learn to stay safe, forever.