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Private Equity Practice

We believe our services will accelerate a portfolio company’s revenue growth trajectory and meaningfully reduce the time of realization of return on the equity investment.  We have done this for the portfolio companies of private equity firms many times.

Consulting Practice

We offer the services of a growing consulting practice for financial sponsors and their portfolio companies, delivering a range of assessment and performance improvement services. In our experience much of what can be done to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency from organizations gets done early on, and the growth of equity value plateaus. Along with M&A, organic revenue growth becomes the most important lever for value creation and the principal vehicle for enhancement of portfolio company performance. Our services have proven to accelerate the revenue growth trajectory of companies of various sizes and in different industries, and meaningfully reduce the time to the realization of investment returns.

Challenging Areas and Our Solutions

Sales Strategy

What is the optimal sales strategy that will identify and prioritize initiatives that will drive growth?

Sales Talent

What is the best organization structure and optimal role design that will be best equipped to consistently execute the business strategy at the point of sale? How to best attract, on-board and retain high performers?

The Sales Conversation

What can be done to better equip the sales organization to have conversations that drive value, provide differentiation and mitigate against the competitive alternatives?

Sales Process and Sales Execution

What sales process, skills and behaviors should be established to best identify, qualify and close the right opportunities?

Sales Planning and Sales Management

What sales planning discipline and sales management cadence, tools, process and coaching should be established to maximize revenue in territory and accounts?

Contact Our Experts

Mark Ward

EMEA Practice Lead

Mark is Consulting Partner in our Transformation Practice. His focus is the design and delivery of transformation programs that drive sales revenue growth. He advises our clients on the strength of their revenue engines with respect to growth and scalability. Mark as led large engagements in multiple industries and global geographies in contexts such as acquisitions, restructures, and turnarounds. His industry experience covers technology, telco, media, financial services and banking, having worked with start-ups and multinationals.

Bill Taylor

US Practice Lead

Bill offers 30 years of Sales, Sales Leadership, P&L C-Suite experience plus Global Master Facilitation, Executive Coaching and Talent Consulting experience to design, develop and deliver custom performance solutions.

Sponsor Due Diligence Capabilities

Full Sales Productivity Diagnostic

Go-to-Market strategy

Organization structure/coverage/capacity

Optimizing role definition, goals/metrics, hiring profiles

Marketing/Sales alignment

Sales management

Messaging effectiveness

Customer/client audit (voice of the customer)

Compensation analysis and comp plan design

Customer success/account management

Sales forecasting/metrics/pipeline fidelity

Sales talent assessment

Sales Performance Diagnostic

Many organisations are challenged by inconsistent processes, ineffective or poorly trained sellers, and limited or ineffective technology tools and support. Mentor Group’s Sales Performance Diagnostic (SPD) is designed to probe each of these areas through interviews, surveys and intensive data analysis. We use a bespoke Qlik Sense analytics application to capture, analyse and display all the information needed to make impactful and actionable recommendations to the business. This same application can be used on an ongoing basis to baseline and compare performance changes over time in order to demonstrate improvement or areas for review.


SPD uses advanced analytics combining client data with qualitative observations to deliver a variety of detailed business insights as well as a specific roadmap on how a sales organization can drive more rapid growth. A business sponsor is able utilize this diagnostic on just one portfolio company, or it can be deployed across the entire portfolio, developing benchmarks and comparisons between organizations, driving performance improvements and shortening the time for realization of value across the entire portfolio.


Our holistic approach considers sales strategy, management and coaching processes, revenue growth, business segmentation, organization design, role effectiveness and use of technology. By analysing data at the lowest possible level and applying relevant attributes, we can identify specific areas of concern such as why some sub-regions or verticals have lower than expected performance. By understanding how reps are trained and coached, we can target specific areas for interventions instead of providing a single mass-delivered approach. By recognizing concerns such as undifferentiated messaging, a non-optimized CRM, quoting systems or a sales compensation process and systems that do not drive desired behaviour, we can recommend options that have a meaningful and measurable impact on productivity and results.


Mentor has successfully delivered hundreds of diagnostics and resultant sales improvement projects over the years and SPD adds a powerful data-driven diagnostic tool to our toolkit.  We welcome a conversation with you to demonstrate how this would add value for your firm or your portfolio company.

The result

The final readout will include a detailed analysis for the current pipeline health, plus a set of prioritized recommendations on the specific actions that will deliver the greatest impact in the shortest time.  If you continued to use the Qlik Sense app to compare baseline to quarterly performance, we can measure which projects have the most impact and adjust accordingly. The result is both increased seller productivity and higher levels of revenue growth.

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