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Secure, Protect, Grow: Private Equity with Mentor Group

by Ben Barton / September 28, 2021


We know that when it comes to Private Equity, results are everything.

Whilst this can be said of every industry and every business, within Private Equity, the connection between success and your wallet is more direct than in almost any other scenario.

It's critical to be able to drive improved performance on both the growing and buying sides of the investment to ensure you're generating maximum return on your investment.

But how do you do that?


Secure, Protect, Grow

At Mentor Group, our Private Equity solution is built on three simple, but powerful pillars: Secure, Protect, and Grow. Let's look briefly at each pillar.


Secure - use our unique benchmarking and diagnostic tools to deep-dive into an organisation's sales performance and culture to make sure it is fit for purpose and will deliver against its sales promises.

Protect - bring in rigour and consistency through a bespoke Sales Productivity Blueprint process that drives sales performance and ensures that the growth and investment plans stay on track

Grow - transform sales systems across technology, processes and people, using our proprietary IP, technology and data analytics expertise.


Building on these three pillars enables us to provide a truly end-to-end service, generating tangible growth and profitable results on both sides of the investment.

From pre-investment due diligence to ensuring the successful onboarding, development, and retention of key talent, we cover every base to help you transform the sales performance of your portfolio companies.

Let's drill deeper on two critical, overarching functions of this process; target due diligence and portfolio transformation.


Target Due Diligence

As part of any due diligence, understanding a target’s sales organisation and its effectiveness is as important as looking into its finances and people. 

This often overlooked area can give you great insight into the target’s value, both at the initial phase and also as part of understanding its long term value. 

Using our unique technology and our Magic 7 sales metrics, we assess a target’s sales organisation and provide you with a full report that shows their strengths and weaknesses.​ This report is easy to view and understand and can be easily compared across organisations so you can benchmark every target to ensure they meet your minimum standards.

This helps provide you with what we call a 'single pane of glass' view, containing all the critical information you need at a glance to make informed, accurate buying decisions.

With our target due diligence, you're able to know the health of a target's sales organisation before you've invested any time in other due diligence activities, and this is done in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

Our process is also platform and technology agnostic, meaning it operates independently of the technologies and platforms used by either you or your target. This helps reduce the time it takes to generate the due diligence report, and ensures this is done in the strictest confidence.

The benchmarking functions are especially powerful, providing you with a clear minimum threshold to measure target organisations against, and a clear traffic light scorecard that adds even more velocity to the decision making process without any compromises on quality or accuracy.

In short, our process for target due diligence ensures that the sales pipeline, culture and talent of your target's sales organisation are fit for purpose and in line with expectations​, empowering you to make the right buying decisions.


Portfolio Transformation

Once an investment has been made, it’s important to ensure that it’s protected and on track to deliver against the goals and promises you've agreed upon. 

By combining cutting edge sales metric diagnostics, cognitive assessment games and a blend of digital learning interventions tuned to the individual, we can engage the sales force on a continuous basis and measure the impact and improvements to core metrics on a month-by-month basis.​

We use our powerful Sales Productivity Diagnostic MAX software to measure and monitor results, we deliver a new Sales Blueprint that brings rigour and process to the teams, and we drive best in class sales enablement through our Kairos learning platform.

What does this mean for your portfolio companies? We observe three consistent, long-term benefits.

  • Continuous development of the sales organisation to improve performance and deliver exceptional results
  • Consumption based pricing gives risk free investment that scales and shrinks as required for the portfolio
  • Complete integration with the organisation’s existing platforms, systems and solutions to ensure the best possible ROI


Through the implementation of the Sales Productivity Diagnostic,  the Sales Blueprint and the Kairos learning platform, you're able to provide your portfolio companies with the toolset, skillset and mindset of elite sellers, transforming their revenue potential and in turn maximising the return on your investment.

If you want to that transformation within your portfolio, why not get in contact with us today by clicking this link.

You can also watch one of our latest videos about Private Equity where we cover the importance of competitive differentiation. Just click play on the video below.



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