The Story of 2020

by Mentor Group / February 12, 2021

What a transformational year on many levels; COVID-19, the move to 100% virtual engagement, building a vast content library, acquiring a software company, and achieving record H2 sales revenues & orders.

Our four key levers enabling success:

1. Agility & Adaptability

We had two choices in 2020; adapt and thrive or choose not to adapt and wait for time to pass, applying the captain hindsight rule. Of course, that was not our decision, we chose to lead and adapt.

As the year progressed, the pace and velocity of change only accelerated, and we asked our team to step up, which they did admirably. This was also in the face of a remote way of working, sat in front of a video camera, and stretching the comfort zone by moderating large group sessions. Agility and adaptability in motion (pun intended).

2. Leading the Way

Getting ahead and staying ahead of the curve was key.

Being agile and adaptable doesn’t really impact anything unless you act fast, so fast is exactly how we acted. We were probably one of, if not the first, to offer free webinars to our clients with the express purpose of helping their teams adjust to new ways of working. Indeed, these sessions helped shift the mindset that virtual learning really could work, and we quickly delivered over twenty open webinars and hundreds of virtual sessions (in excess of 200) in the early days of the pandemic. 100% of our work moved virtually and we quickly became the go-to choice for the vast majority of our clients to help them adapt and thrive in the new circumstances we all faced.
“We have confidence and trust in Mentor to do the right thing to help us” Global Sales Enablement Leader

3. Delighting Our Customer’s NPS

The swift transition to virtual came with no compromises. Our passion for quality and customer centricity to deliver real and tangible business change remained at the heart of everything we do. Achieving a net promoter average of
87% demonstrated our expertise. To achieve this, we accelerated the development of the capability of our consultant team to facilitate over a virtual platform, which we had already started during 2019, and our team embraced the opportunity and really stepped up.

Customers rewarded us by involving us in wider reaching and new projects; for example, we experienced double digit growth with our top 7 customers.

4. Brave & Fast Decision Making

You can either wait for something to happen or go make it happen; your mindset is set from which action you decide upon. So, we made it happen. We have the expertise to create new realities, new ways of working and we had the bravery and the courage to take calculated risks not born out of procrastination but decisiveness, and with an absolute focus on our clients. This decisiveness helped shape the direction and the decision making of our customers, demonstrating our thought leadership and can-do approach. In many cases, this decisiveness challenged thinking; indeed many customers, after switching to virtual, have not looked back since, and these leading global companies have become our biggest advocates. We also successfully added eighteen new clients in this period.

Finally, at the heart of it all were our people. We created a safe and collaborative community that focused on moving forward to help our clients and supporting the welfare and wellbeing of our close and extended teams in equal measure. Without question and despite the circumstances, we saw the very best of the Mentor community in 2020 and that continues to this day.
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