Marketplace Challenges

Sales Professionals that demonstrate the required skills of a ‘consultancy seller’ have only increased by 1% (from 47% to 48%) over the last 10 years


Only 37% of a sales professional’s time is spent on selling activities


48% of global workforce is mobile, meaning it’s harder for companies to develop workers at source

(Bersin By Deloitte)

60% of companies, do not consistently align offers to target customer segments


45.5% is the average forecast Accuracy 

(CSO Insights)

40% of sales reps have a strong understanding of their companies differentiation


Knowledge Workers only have 1% (24 minutes) of working week to focus on training & development

(Bersin By Deloitte)

B2B buyers are typically 57% on the way to a buying decision before actively engaging with sales


Only 3% of companies are getting sales professionals to target in 1st year


$1M is the average cost of replacing a sales professional 

(CSO Insights)

Only 38% of workers say they have the opportunity to learn in the workplace


These Challenges Create Negative Sales Impact

Longer Sales Cycles
Lower Conversion Rates
Eroded Margins
Forecast Accuracy Is Weak
Lower Productivity Per Head

Lower $ Yield ‘Lower EBITDA’
Protracted Lead To Cash Time
Lower Customer Facetime
Selling On Price Not Value
Pipelines Are Not Clean, Healthy Or Sufficient

6 Imperatives For EBITDA Growth

Stay on target

Develop a sales system that matches the right offer at the right time to the target segment and delights customers based on a deep understanding of their priorities

Know customer value and values

Enable your front line to understand a customer’s value to the firm’s growth and profitability, as well as the customer’s decision dynamics

Re-imagine the channel mix

Invest in low and high-touch channels to match sales capacity with opportunity and customer preference, then double down on self-service digital channels to help customers help themselves, earning loyalty and high ROI

Align resources across marketing and sales

Seamlessly integrate marketing priorities with sales channel mix and capacity. Rethink where marketing ends and sales begins, as buying processes begin easier than ever

Raise the bar on talent

To build the next generation of sellers, elevate expectations and strengthen capabilities. Recruit people with relevant expertise, and train sellers to make the most of their time with customers

Get the wiring right to unlock sales capacity

To reinforce new behaviors and track effectiveness, invest in data and analytics, system linkages, compensation and tools

With the right approach to integrating these imperatives, companies have realised EBITDA growth of 20% to 25%

Challenges Facing Sales Enablement


Sell more with less

Keep resources in field

Maximize Enablement ROI


Disrupt customer thinking

Lead & Educate with insights

Align by verticals not solutions


Pace of market development

Demand for new insights and skills

Sales talent churn


Attraction & Retention

On & Re Boarding

Faster Time to Target

The Reality of Learning Today: Untethered Workforce Evolution of L&D Has Been Blindingly Fast

From E-Learning to Digital Learning In One Generation

Copyright Source: Bersin by Deloitte

The Reality of Learning Today: Untethered Workforce Evolution of L&D Has Been Blindingly Fast

Copyright Source: Meet the Modern Learner: Engaging the Overwhelmed, Distracted and Impatient Employee, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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