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Mentor Productivity Accelerator App​

No other tool offers the strength in depth and breadth of MPA to influence subscriber productivity through user-targeted distribution of sales critical content, to test those skills and to share winning behaviour within a discrete community.

The MPA App

This sales enablement tool delivers video, audio, documents and images directly into the hands of your community. With unlimited channels to drive content consumption, enablement & adoption, your team will always have the most up-to-date methodology to improve their effectiveness.


This app is backed by a full content management system which allows you to upload new content at anytime. Content delivery is tailored to geography or role whilst the in-app ‘Message Hub’ allows you to communicate directly to your learning community.


The app also contains a survey centre which provides the capability to assess and accredit straight from the app. Built-in gamification scores aim to achieve higher levels of engagement and stimulate inclusion.

The MPA is fully customisable to achieve brand consistency and linked to your LMS for performance/consumption measurement and MI. Most importantly, rest-assured, the app is fully secure and password protected.

Ensure your team have the most up to date methodology to improve their effectiveness and drive consistency

6 Core App Channels included

The Product Channel

The Product Channel

Distribute your latest product information and details to your clients in minutes not days. Great for product launches or updates. Allows your team to always be up to date and provide your sales people, clients, channel partners new solutions. Deliver video, battlecards, playbooks and more.

The Methodology Channel

The Methodology Channel

Bring consistency to your teams by allowing them to get access to your sales methodologies and processes anytime, anywhere. MPA – Success Factors. Reinforce enablement programs with the content they need to be even more effective. Deliver up to the minute changes via the content management systems to ensure everyone is up to date with latest versions.​

The Insights Channel

The Insights Channel

Designed to deliver powerful insights on key issues to allow your team to have great conversations with stakeholders that create even more value. Key Sector Insights (Health, Pharma, IT, Cyber Sec, Retail, Finance, Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Government, Education). Insight can include: Key KPIs by stakeholders, Key sector challenges, Key market drivers.​

The Coaching Channel

The Coaching Channel

Provides best practice video of coaching in the customers context. Allows for supporting materials e.g. coaching questions, coaching models. Can adapt to any coaching model including: GROW, DISC, PRISM.​

The Sales Skills Channel

The Sales Skills Channel

Gives your team critical coaching on hard and soft selling skills. Adaptable to any sales methodology. Content can be delivered based upon sales role (e.g.: different content for sales managers and sales people. Capable of delivering video, images or PDFs.

The Tools Channel

The Tools Channel

Get the new or existing sales tools into the hands of your community to drive up usage and adoption. Ensure consistency and version control. Deploy in minutes not days. Link to sales methodology & process. Links to your CRM.

Live product knowledge in minutes not days

App Interactive Community

The Message Hub


  1. Send messages directly to your community, that don’t get caught up in the noise of other emails or messages
  2. Communicate with individuals & groups, by role or location
  3. 100% secure and private

The Survey Centre: Rehearsal & Accreditation


  1. Allows you to assess knowledge and reinforce learning through scheduled questions delivered on a regular basis
  2. Gives you the ability to accredit your community on new tools, methodology or even products
  3. Can help drive compliance and regulatory reporting requirements for your community
  4. Can be connected to your LMS and existing technologies
  5. Don’t let your community practice on your customers

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Most frequent questions and answers

The app is available on both iTunes and Google play store. We can also distribute privately if required. Password access is required.

All servers are behind enterprise quality firewalls in secure data centers, whilst the data is transferred using 256bit encryption.

We have built the app to support up to 100,000 concurrent users.

Yes, users can download the films, audio files and PDF’s they want to view offline.

We are able to change the look and feel of the player, the names of the channels and of course the content available.

As many as required. We suggest a maximum of 50 to maintain the best user experience.

You are given access to a management console where you have total control over adding or removing users.

It will work on all iOS and Android devices, including mobiles and tablets. At this time we don t support TV based products.

All content is hosted on secure dedicated servers per client., ensuring 100% confidentiality.