3D Sales Transformation Methodologies

Each consultant gains their ‘licence to practise’ through the Mentor accreditation scheme, covering a three-phased consultative approach, which we call our 3D Programme, and areas of specialist expertise. This ensures that each of our coaching programmes meet the challenges of our clients. More importantly, it also incorporates a measurement methodology to guarantee a return for you, which is based on more than 20 years of continually measuring the impact of our coaching programmes against the performance of our clients’ organisations.



  • Discover: An in-depth assessment helps us identify what is stopping you moving from where you are today to where you want to be. We look at people, processes, business challenges and performance criteria.
  • Design: The teamwork to develop and customise the solution to meet the exact needs of your business. We incorporate and use highly motivating and engaging tools, with much of the learning happening ‘live‘ as people go about their daily tasks.
  • Deliver: We deliver a custom made management or sales transformation solution for you. Our tools measure each person‘s behaviours, performance and contribution continuously, so that you can see the immediate wins and the long-term business benefits.


What is 3D Sales Transformation®? An End to End Solution

3D Sales Transformation® is not a piece of software, analytics, reporting or training… it is a complete, integrated end to end solution for sales organisations that want action focused, high performance sales transformation. It involves doing 3 things in a complete, integrated solution.

1 Developing the Sales Managers to be Coaches, Not Just Managers

This is part of our EQ and forms part of our fundamental philosophy that properly equipped Sales Managers are the pivotal community in a sales organisation. By enabling them as coaches we can achieve 10:1 leverage to impact the sales force, productivity and selling culture. This is done by a combination of face to face development and an ongoing virtual coaching program.

Equipping the Sales Manager with Powerful, Intelligent, Self Service Sales Analytics

More than just reports, these dashboards are part of our IQ and provide the Sales Managers with the right information at the right time to enable them to discover powerful insights that change the game and drive incredible change in an organisation’s sales performance. These are developed with our technology partner Qlik and are based on their ground breaking Sales Performance Accelerator Suite.

Embedding A Set Of Sales Management Processes And Best Practices

The processes and best practices are part of our XQ and are the heartbeat of the 3D Sales Transformation®. They create the platform and opportunity for Sales Managers to coach their sales teams and transform the culture. Our research has shown that 80% of the transformation happens here in the XQ. These processes and best practices will be unique to you but based on extensive and proven industry experience.


3D Sales Transformation Powered up by the smart application of skills, tools and apps


Discovery drives end-to-end pipeline analysis…volume, value and velocity

3D Sales Transformation covers the entire end to end process of Sales Management, from Market Planning and Territory Design to Pipeline Management, Demand Generation through to Account Management.

The model below helps you understand where 3D Sales Transformation can help your business and what you can expect from each of the components….


Tools that support our clients’ learning and development

Learn more about our methodologies and tools that deliver knowledge at the time and in the place of need, so that you get the best results as quickly as possible.


Pathways to Growth

Focused on Sales Managers the Pathways to Growth Sales Management Process is a research and results proven High Performance Management System that develops your teams into world class sales coaches, develops clear sales performance metrics to create focus and a sustainable coaching cadence to drive high performing sales teams.

Pathways to Growth does not replace any sales process that you already have, it is a complimentary solution that ensures that the sales managers are doing the right things, at the right time, with the right people, to achieve the right result.  It will fit in seamlessly with your existing business processes.

Behind every successful sportsman or entrepreneur there is a great coach challenging their thinking and moving them to the next level.  Working with the Cloud Coaching International team we can bring together not just our unique and proven model, which delivers double digit ROI, but an eco-system of subject matter experts and highly experienced coaches who have the advantage of being able to challenge, drive and support in a way that only an external company can.

There is a piece of research done by the Objective Management Group which studied over 650,000 sales people and 100,000 sales leaders.  The results showed that 75% of all sales people believed that their approach differentiated themselves from their competition.  The problem is that only 3% of their customers agreed, also less than 55% of those sales people were hitting quota.  However, there was a group where 86% of the team were achieving their quota, these teams were the ones that were coached using a formal, structured, and defined sales management system with integrated coaching.

Central to our philosophy is ensuring that pipeline or funnel is accurate, without accuracy you are left with best guesses or wishes.  The Pathways to Growth Sales Management System has been developed to drive accuracy across your business metrics by focusing on whether your sales pipeline or funnel is clean, healthy and sufficient.  Accuracy is then born from there.

As part of our engagement with you we will create a readiness assessment that will highlight where we can align with your sales activities and processes, and where there might be some gaps.

When all is said and done, sales are made in front of customers, but we must also remember that sales are equally lost here as well.  The Pathways to Growth Sales Management Process ensures that every meeting has a purpose and focus.  It ensures that the right skills are in place, the right information has been gathered and the goal has been set.

In essence, meetings don’t just happen they deliver, giving you back control, focus and sales.

You may be thinking that this sounds too simple to be of any use… however, as Steve Jobs famously said “Simple can be harder than complex… you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

This may not be rocket science but it is certainly rocket engineering that has come together to create a powerful process that is guaranteed to deliver results and double digit ROI.

Watch our Pathways to Growth Demonstration Video:


PRISM Brain Mapping is a sophisticated, online, neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance.

Neuroscience – which has seen most of its major discoveries made in the last 10-15 years – has proved conclusively that the brain is remarkably elastic in terms of its capacity for change.  From this we are now finally able to identify our unique mental preferences created from inherited genetics, life experiences, and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

PRISM is based on extensive and ongoing research,primarily by neuroscientists and universities in the USA and UK.  The instrument looks at the structure and electro-chemical activities of the brain, especially the interactions between the brain’s hemispheres, not only in terms of attention and flexibility, but also in attitudes to the world. Fundamentally, PRISM is about our attention to the world – how we see and respond to our environment, including the people in it. More accurately, it is about our perception, or representation, of our environment.

Theories as to the areas of the brain which we use to inform certain functions have been considered for centuries.  Now thanks to advances in technology, we can conclusively prove that whilst the brain is a complex interconnected system, it is ‘hard wired’ to the extent that certain skills and functions are always developed in specific zones.  Consequently, through the infinite variables of genetics and experience we each develop different ‘mental muscles’ with which we stimulate our external behaviour.

By activating our brain’s functional areas in response to validated stimulant statements, PRISM is able to create three distinct profiles, or ‘maps’, showing how we prefer to process information using the known areas of our brain.  These preferred responses form the basis of our observed behaviours.


Positive Intelligence


Positive Intelligence® is a groundbreaking new program designed to help individuals and teams achieve peak performance by building their capacity for more positive and productive thought patterns and behaviors.  This capacity, according to the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, is the greatest determinant in achieving professional success and fulfillment.

Developed by preeminent C-suite advisor Shirzad Chamine over years of coaching hundreds of CEOs and their teams, and popularised through a bestselling book and lecture series at Stanford University, Positive Intelligence® is a proven and highly effective method for developing mastery over your mind to activate your highest potential.

Positive Intelligence® is measured as the percentage of the time your mind works for you instead of against you.  By developing the mental muscles of Positive Intelligence®, longstanding negative thought patterns and behaviors can be dismantled and the mind shifted to your advantage.

Individuals and teams who apply the tools and techniques of Positive Intelligence® report dramatic and sustained improvements in their ability to achieve goals, react to setbacks and challenges, interact with and persuade others and cultivate trusted relationships.  The Positive Intelligence® approach has been validated by executives and professionals across many applications, including most notably to accelerate sales performance.

The Positive Intelligence® Programme

The Positive Intelligence® Program is a live, interactive online training designed to help individuals and teams raise their level of Positive Intelligence® in as little as 7 weeks.  Its foundation lies in teaching individuals and teams to recognise and intercept their hidden mental “Saboteurs” and activate the part of their brain that enables far more effective and stress-free high performance mode.

The program uses simple, powerful and intuitive techniques that have been field-tested with thousands of individuals, including C-suite executives. Combining highly engaging, real-time classroom sessions with daily practices and the support of an online peer community, the program enables new, more productive mental thought patterns and habits to be formed and sustained.


The program has had life-changing results for program participants.  The new habits and patterns ignited by Positive Intelligence® include:

      • A more agile and adaptive mindset
      • Greater emotional mastery
      • Reduced stress responses
      • Increased resilience
      • Enhanced creativity and curiosity
      • Greater sensitivity to others
      • Increased engagement with colleagues and team members
      • Increased skillfulness in listening to and coaching others
      • Better decision-making skills

These new habits and patterns are in turn successfully applied within everyday work and life situations including:  selling to, motivating and persuading others; team building, mastering workload; solving complex problems; creating innovative solutions; working with ‘difficult’ people; improving work/life balance; and parenting and personal relationships.

The net result: dramatically higher levels of performance with greater personal fulfillment.

More information on The Positive Intelligence® Program, as well as individual assessment tools, can be found at www.positiveintelligence.com.

To learn more visit www.positiveintelligence.com 

Also watch video from Shirzad Chamine:

KnowledgeNow is a patent pending delivery and performance solution that delivers knowledge when you need it whilst you are logged into Salesforce.com.

It brings salesforce.com to life by directly connecting sales people with the knowledge they need.

It humanises the way sales people experience and share knowledge in salesfore.com and is available whenever the user logs into salesforce.com, on any device.

How does it work?

Until now there have only been a few ways to maximise the use of salesforce.com; live training, virtual training calls or recorded virtual events. The challenge with this is that the user is disconnected from the real work whilst they are learning, and when they actually log in to salesforce.com they have forgotten what they are supposed to do.

Studies show that 90% of knowledge learnt on training events is lost within 90 days.

KnowledgeNow addresses this by providing a system that delivers training and coaching whilst they are logged into salesforce.com.  It engages and connects with the users and provides them with KnowledgeNow.

With KnowledgeNow, Cloud Coaches appear as video walk outs that can be programmed to appear when the users need them most

Where can it be used?

      • Executive Messaging and Announcements
      • Sales Skills Training
      • Product Launch Strategies and Materials
      • New Process Training
      • Weekly Sales Huddle Strategy Reviews

Key Benefits:

      • Users can training in the context of their work
      • Coaching can be delivered on demand or based on the actual work being done
      • No disruptive as there is no need to attend training courses
      • Team, departmental, divisional or organisational communication can delivered in minutes
      • Users do not have to leave SFDC
      • Drives user adoption as well as providing performance coaching when it is needed most
      • Gets a unified message across your sales force
      • Multi language support supporting global organizations

For more information on KnowledgeNow, watch the short video below:

3rdGen225A Development Centre approach is recognised as one of the most accurate and efficient ways to identify the needs of, and provide development options for, your leadership and management population.

The Mentor Group third generation Development Centres ensure these goals are achieved by using linked scenarios which reflect the real life pressures of your operational working environment.

We also deliver ‘freeze frame’ feedback and coaching during the events, to provide added value to the attendees, and give them positive reinforcement.

In our design, we use your role-specific competencies, face-face behaviours and current working processes to ensure reality and relevance. We design tailored scenarios and team-working situations that reflect everyday challenges and conflicts.

This reality means that your managers have to demonstrate sustainable skills and behaviours throughout a full day, and not just act out a series of 30-minute role-play exercises.

Download an introduction to our Development Centres:


Global Roleplay

poractive-rollplayRoleplay as the practise part of a training programme sits perfectly alongside the theory part delivered therein. It is the most powerful method available of embedding the learning and ensuring a sustained change outcome.

Mentor works with Global Roleplay to bring to life the practical challenges of some of their coaching programmes. By partaking in Roleplay or Forum Theatre training, participants will go on to significantly improve their performance in the workplace. This view is not only based on our firm beliefs having witnessed consistently positive outcomes but reflects the feedback our clients have given us.

Roleplay and Forum Theatre provide a truly unique opportunity for delegates to practice and develop the skills they use in the workplace Roleplay offers the business equivalent of a practice match or a dress rehearsal, allowing any participant to exercise or polish their ideas and skills. The knowledge gained from these practice sessions, in terms of what works and the impact you are making, is invaluable, inspiring a confidence that can be carried forward to real events.  It is this new knowledge and confidence that allows delegates to change and develop their behaviours, thus benefiting them, their role in the business and, of course, the success of the business overall.

To learn more about Global Roleplay visit their website: http://www.http://www.globalroleplay.com/