Coaching Out Fear

By James Barton

cpiSince I first qualified as a corporate performance coach, I have been interested in the differences in the approach to other sorts of management styles.

The obvious key difference is how we have to resist the urge to tell people what to do, and instead create that environment where they can find out the answer themselves.

Whilst this can sometimes be a frustrating experience when the answer is obvious from our perspective, resisting this urge brings with it some significant dividends. The largest of which is the motivation factor.

You see people are much more likely to do something if it is their idea, rather than simply doing what they are told. Another key differentiator that has become more apparent as I have worked with more and more clients is the concept of coaching OUT not coaching IN.

Let me explain.

Some coaches and most managers focus on trying to coach IN competencies and skills.  They focus their attention of trying to fill us with their knowledge and wisdom.

The problem with this method however is that we only have limited capacity to learn and the majority of that capacity is taken up with interference. Interference is the stuff that runs around our head and stops us from living the way we want to.

It can take the form of limiting belief, a habit or addiction, or outright fear.

The latter phrase is interesting as I like to call interference inter-fear-ence…. and this is where I focus my coaching energy. When we coach OUT the fear it increases our capacity that then allows us to improve our performance and capability.

Let me give you a real example from my own life.

When at college I had a very bad experience public speaking in front of the entire college which created a fear of public speaking so bad I couldn’t order pizza let alone speak up front. Well of course, in my chosen profession as a coach, speaker and trainer, having a fear of public speaking is not a particularly useful skill!

So when I had the opportunity to work on my NLP qualifications, I worked hard with a coach to coach out the fear.

The result…

This year alone I have spoken in front of 2000 people, and it is only March; and regularly get outstanding feedback on my presentation style.

Was I always able to speak publicly? Of course… it was just my inter-fear-ence that got in my way.

So have a think about it…what inter-fear-ence are you or your team running?

What can you do about?

Deal with inter-fear-ence and the rest becomes child play.

Go for it!

About The Author

jamesbartonWith over fifteen years experience in the IT industry, starting off as a technical consultant and moving up to an IT Director and then on to a career in front line sales, sales development and channel partnership, James brings a unique set of technical, corporate and sales experience enabling him to understand all dimensions of business development in the IT Sector.

In addition to the hard knowledge James possesses, he is also a qualified corporate and executive business coach, NLP practitioner and DISC profiler to add even more depth and value to every relationship.

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