Act As If….

By James Barton

Act As IfOne of the most outstanding secrets of the most successful sales people and entrepreneurs is their habit to ‘Act as if’.

I don’t mean this in a bad sense at all, quite the reverse.

So what do I mean by acting as if?

Acting as if is taking on the persona, attitude and even physical appearance of something or somebody they want to be that they are not yet.

They might drive a car to make them look successful, wear the best suits, have an air of confidence about them in any situation, or even speak using special terms and phrases.

In essence they are being somebody that they are not.

At first glance this may come across as dishonest or even manipulative, but it really isn’t; it is what we all do on a daily basis to enable us to be successful.

Having this ability is critical in many sales situations as it allows the sales person to overcome fears, open doors and build relationships.

For example, when I first started doing training I had to overcome a massive fear of public speaking (not good for someone who needs to be in front of an audience to pay the mortgage), but I did it by simply acting as if I was someone who was good at presenting.

This is an age old NLP technique called modelling, but it worked a charm for me and gave me enough confidence to overcome my fears and eventually establish my own style.

One of my peers and mentors once told a story about how he bagged the biggest ever deal in his career.

He had lined the deal up well but now it was time to start meeting the client face to face. So what did he do?

He hired a car and chauffer and turned up at every meeting looking and feeling like a rock star. The result…a multi million pound deal which covered the costs of the car and driver hundreds of times over.

When discussing this story, he says that the hiring of the car was absolutely pivotal to his success as he was able to feel successful AND the client considered him to be successful as well.

The latter point is crucial. Remember people like to buy from people they think are successful.

To add a little more here, this technique is also often used by top athletes. They take the time to visualise their success. The actively see themselves running the race, or hitting the ball, and then crucially, winning!

The impact on this is phenomenal and is backed up by scientific research which shows that when we ‘act as if’ our bodies, our muscles and our brains actively participate in the actions. We can train ourselves simply by seeing our own success!

Great stuff huh!?

In our sales careers we sometimes have to act as if, but the question I have today for you is who are you choosing to be?

Think about it…..

 About The Author 

jamesbartonWith over fifteen years experience in the IT industry, starting off as a technical consultant and moving up to an IT Director and then on to a career in front line sales, sales development and channel partnership, James brings a unique set of technical, corporate and sales experience enabling him to understand all dimensions of business development in the IT Sector.

In addition to the hard knowledge James possesses, he is also a qualified corporate and executive business coach, NLP practitioner and DISC profiler to add even more depth and value to every relationship.

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