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Becoming Elite Can Be Learnt

Be confident, calm, productive and in control of your life
Increase your knowledge and understanding and to master the habits that take you forward
Do more with your life and make progress in less time and with less effort



How does it work?

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10 Master Classes

There are 10 master classes to help you achieve your Elite status. Covering setting goals, mental toughness, confidence, leader ship and more, these master classes are the heart of the programme.


At the end of each module, you will get you certification of complete. When you have collected them all, you become a Mi365 graduate!!

Watch your people soar both personally and professionally with this unique corporate wellness solution

Master Classes

Master Class 1: Your Best Year Yet


How to set goals, put the foundations in place to achieve them, and plan for success.

Master Class 2: Willpower 365


How to consistently control your actions, make the decisions that are right for you and for the goals you want to achieve.

Master Class 3: Habits 365


How to install the success habits for business and everyday life and break the habits hold you back.

Master Class 4: Wellness 365


How to have optimal health and energy to perform at your best more of the time.

Master Class 5: Leadership 365


How to find the inspiration to achieve.

Master Class 6: Confidence 365


How to believe in your ability to achieve so you take action every day.

Master Class 7: Mindfulness 365


How to improve your mental wellbeing and focus and provide the TLC your brain needs.

Master Class 8: Upgrade Your Life 365


How to identify the outdated software in your own programming and review, maintain and update the processes you are running.

Master Class 9: Up Your Creative Genius 365


How to take your ideas, visualise the outcomes you want and take bold steps towards them.

Master Class 10: Movement 365


How to incorporate more activity in your life.

Mental Fitness is designed not just to educate and inform, but to instil a desire for improvement and growth in every member of your team.

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