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Essential Travel Apps For 2019

by NoviDigital / July 29, 2019

When dreaming about exploring new places, it is easy to forget about the day-to-day details that make it go off without a hitch. Travelling can pose a number of challenges, from unfamiliar cultures to the safety of the place itself.

Whilst these are things that have always been part and parcel of travelling, in 2019 they are much easier to navigate with the assistance of your smartphone. We’ve rounded up the very best travel apps that are able to ensure that your journey to any destination goes smoothly.  



Booking your flight and accommodation is often the first step to going abroad so being sure to save as much money as possible without having to make sacrifices on any of your requirements is important. Skyscanner has become one of the most popular ways to do this, and for good reason.

Whether you have a destination in mind or not, this app is more than capable of helping you find ways to cut costs. With its calendar that highlights cheap dates to fly to a specific location along with its best value destination suggestions for local airports, this is the best travel app to ensure your journey gets off to the right start. 


eTS Academy 

Whilst getting to your dream location is vital, so is safety whilst there. Difficulties finding your hotel, getting a taxi or any other host of common tasks can not only be more complicated when in a new environment, but in some cases can be dangerous.

This is why eTravelSafety’s app, eTS Academy, uses Travel Safety training videos to enable you to learn how to stay safe on the go, on-demand and on any device. The videos available on the app can be either streamed in areas with internet connection or downloaded ahead of time.

This app is a perfect addition for anyone travelling, providing digestible and in-depth safety information for every step of the journey.  



Perhaps one of the most fundamental areas of difficulty when travelling is communication. Without being able to properly ask or answer questions, tasks can feel a lot tougher than they actually are. Duolingo, with its incredibly clear app interface, is perfect for getting a grip on the basics of numerous languages. Whilst being popular with those that learn languages for fun, it can also be a very useful tool in unfamiliar settings. 


Travel Safe 360 

When managing a team of people that travel abroad, their safety in unfamiliar places will be of utmost importance. Due to the host of dangers that travellers face, knowing that your team have made it to important check-points, such as the airport or hotel, can put your mind at ease.

This is why eTravelSafety’s new in-browser app, Travel Safe 360, is the perfect solution. Travel Safe 360 makes checking in for the traveller as easy as clicking a button to let their organisation know they are safe without the inconvenience of constant tracking that can actually put those being tracked at risk.


Trail Wallet 

Trail Wallet is a lesser-known but incredibly intuitive travel app. With the recent popularity of budget-tracking banking, it is easy to see how this would also be a useful feature whilst abroad. Whilst travelling, it can be very easy to lose track of how much you are spending.

This can simply be due to having a lot of fun and getting carried away or it could be due to an unfamiliar currency. By pre-setting a daily budget, Trail Wallet allows travellers to keep on top of their spending and not run out of cash before the end of the holiday!  


Chatbot Charlie 

Before going travelling, it is often the case that we will turn to Google to find answers to our questions. When searching through the endless pages, however, you will often be left more confused and worried than before due to the variety of answers found.

Chatbot Charlie, a cutting-edge piece of AI software by eTravelSafety, can provide informative and up-to-date answers to these questions. By compiling large amounts of information on destinations about the common difficulties you might face whilst travelling, Chatbot Charlie can provide concise advice and training videos.

This intuitive in-browser app is also able to give real-time alerts about anything that might be of concern in the location you are travelling, such as riots or bomb scares. Whilst already very impressive, as a form of AI, this app will also learn from every conversation it has, making it even more useful as time progresses!  

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