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eTravelSafety are committed to leveraging technology to provide Travel Safety for everyone.

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Human Risks is an online software platform that enables you to manage the entire Enterprise Security Risk Management-process from risk assessments through to incident response.

eTravelSafety have the privilege of being the Technology & Travel Safety Partner for the Beyond Duty of Care Conference 2019, which is being run by the team over at Travel Risk Media on 10th July 2019. 

For years, risk management companies have been sending alerts to organizations who send their travellers around the globe. You'll receive information via text, email, or through an app that will tell you of any political demonstrations, kidnappings, spates of gun crime or robbery; anything that...

When travelling in unfamiliar locations, there is always an increased level of risk. For women there are some additional difficulties. Focusing on women’s Travel Safety is not a reflection on the capability of women to protect themselves properly whilst travelling. Rather, it is an...