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Intelligent content-delivery and reporting
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We know that traditional sales enablement isn't working. According to CSO Insights, the total cost of sales is $1.3tn, but despite that spend, less than 58% of sales reps hit their targets.

The foundations of previous sales enablement initiatives - things like face-to-face interactions or entire workforces travelling to a single location - are clearly incompatible with a market and workforce that require on-demand access to learning and interventions that can be consumed in short, snackable bursts, preferably in line with their work.

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Introducing Kairos

Kairos is a data-driven Learning Experience Platform, designed specifically to meet the needs of modern learners by providing individual learning plans based on actual business data, ensuring the right content is presented to the right person at the right time.  

What Can Kairos Do?

Deliver a modern, digital learning experience to all users via mobile or desktops
Create individual learning journeys bespoke to every person based on real-time organisational data
Provide secure communications between managers and sellers
Encourage learners to completes questionnaires, surveys or tests
Be a complete learning environment or be used to compliment existing programs
Be customised to provide a fully-branded experience
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