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We know that traditional sales enablement isn't working. According to CSO Insights, the total cost of sales (including enablement) is $1.3tn, but despite that spend, less than 58% of sales reps hit their targets.

The foundations of previous sales enablement initiatives - things like face-to-face interactions or entire workforces travelling to a single location - are clearly incompatible with a market and workforce that require on-demand access to learning and interventions that can be consumed in short, snackable bursts, preferably in line with their work.

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Introducing Kairos

Kairos is a data-driven Learning Experience Platform, designed specifically to meet the needs of modern learners by providing individual learning plans based on actual business data, ensuring the right content is presented to the right person at the right time.  

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What Can Kairos Do?

Kairos delivers a modern, digital learning to all users across mobile and desktop devices, providing a fully-branded, complete learning environment that can operate as a standalone environment or integrate into your existing program.

Most importantly, you can create individual learning journeys for each user based on real-time data from within your organisation, such as job role or CRM activity.  Sales has moved beyond the need for "sheep-dipping", and Kairos ensures the one size fits all approach to training is consigned to the past.

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From App to PWA

From App to PWA

Kairos is what is known as PWA, or a Progressive Web App. This means that access to Kairos can be instant on any device; whether you are working in the office or travelling on a train, the learning experience is the same and you can simply pick up where you left off.

Further, with our ‘cloud native’ approach, there is nothing for your IT department to do, as Kairos is instantly available on existing devices without configuration.

Digital Content Vault

As a learning experience platform, the content is a critical element, and that’s why we have created a series of Digital Content Vaults. A Digital Content Vault is a place where you can access content provided by Mentor Group, in logical groups, that can be applied to your learners.

This can be 'gated' through several filters, such as individuals,  job role, geography or  any other grouping you can think of. The content within our vaults can form part of a compulsory learning track or part of the auto-generated content recommendations for their individual learning journey.

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