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What If Your Travel Safety Training Costs Too Much?

by Ben Barton / November 22, 2019

Who is Travel Safety actually for?

That might seem like a ridiculous question, but when we look at who actually receives Travel Safety training in most organisations, it's absolutely a question worth asking.

If you were to pick at random a large organisation - let's say any business over 100 employees - you will likely notice a very worrying trend. Typically, the only people receiving Travel Safety training in those organisations will probably be board members and board level executives. 

That means that in a business of 100+ people, less than 10% are receiving Travel Safety training. 

That's not good. But we also need to ask another question - why is this happening?

The answer is simple: cost.

Travel Safety training solutions cost too much money. In trying to generate profit, Travel Safety training providers are pricing their solutions at a point that massively limits both the scalability and sustainability of their training - essentially, companies can't afford to train all their people, so they resort to training the 'most important' parts of their organisation.

This represents a significant failure in duty of care; a failure that can easily be avoided.

So, another question - why does to these training solutions cost so much money?

More often than not, it's because they're reliant on individual trainers travelling to an organisation to deliver multi-day, face-to-face training. Flights, accommodation, two full days of work - those costs add up for the provider, which in turn forces them to increase the price of their training.

This has been the industry model for too long, but there is a better way - eTS Academy.

eTS Academy takes all the Travel Safety training you'd expect to receive from a 'traditional' provider, and delivers that content in the form of 89 bitesized videos, available in an app or in a web browser. Why is that significant?

With no trainers to pay, no flights or hotels to book, and all the content fully pre-recorded, eTS Academy costs - at most - £2 per user, per month. That's a fraction of a fraction of what you'd expect to pay elsewhere.

That's just scratching the surface of what eTS Academy can do for your organisation. You can learn everything there is to now about the world's most complete Travel Safety training solution by clicking the button you see below. Easy, right?

eTS Academy

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