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eTravelSafety & Human Risks: A Case Study

by eTravelSafety / January 16, 2020

Human Risks is an online software platform that enables you to manage the entire Enterprise Security Risk Management-process from risk assessments through to incident response.

Within their web-based platform, they have integrated eTravelSafety’s range of Travel Safety training videos as a core part of the Security Risk Management Process. But how does it work?

Within the platform information is structured by Risk Assessments. So, when the security team (or whoever is responsible) performs a Risk Assessment for a site, asset, process or travel event, they store the information in this area, and you are presented with a list and a map view of all your current active Risk Assessments.

When you have created a Risk Assessment, you add relevant threats and mitigation measures (called ‘treatments’ on the platform). These can be selected from the database of templates (adapted by the client) or created by the user. When you click on a Risk Assessment, you can see all the listed threats, and their treatments in a simple two-tab list.

You will find eTravelSafety’s videos under the Treatments tab of that list of threats and treatments. So, within a treatment you get information on what it is, any relevant procedures and documents, and its impact on reducing the likelihood and/or consequence of the threats for that Risk Assessment.

eTravelSafety’s videos can be directly embedded into the treatment details, which are then accessible by all employees who are relevant stakeholders to that Risk Assessment. The videos can be a standard part of certain treatment templates, so they are automatically included every time that treatment is imported into a Risk Assessment (using our smart recommendations engine, the platform recommends threats and treatments based on the asset type, category, etc). Otherwise, users can include the videos themselves into the treatment details when editing or creating new treatments.

These treatments are tied to ongoing ‘audit’ activities, such as regular training or checks. By including the video in the treatment, managers can easily distribute the video to a broad audience to be included as part of necessary training or preparation activities.

By fully integrating eTravelSafety’s videos into their platform, Human Risks have made it as easy as possible for employees who are relevant stakeholders to a Risk Assessment to access critical Travel Safety training before they travel. By tying the treatments – and therefore the videos – to audit activities, the security team are provided with a clear, concise overview of who has watched what, and when, ensuring compliance and employee safety.

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