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Beyond Duty Of Care Conference 2019

by eTravelSafety / June 4, 2019

eTravelSafety have the privilege of being the Technology & Travel Safety Partner for the Beyond Duty of Care Conference 2019, which is being run by the team over at Travel Risk Media on 10th July 2019. 

Travel Safety has to continue to shift and evolve, moving beyond a "bare-minimum" mentality when it comes to duty of care and corporate compliance. That's what the Beyond Duty of Care Conference is all about - reminding businesses and organisations of the central role mental health and well-being plays in the lives of their employees, and finding innovative ways to ensure the safety, security and well-being of travellers.

We are confident that technology is going to play an integral role as organisations move beyond duty of care, and we are excited to have the opportunity to outline what we do as a business to help.

Attending the conference will be a host of thought leaders across the Travel Safety, technology and mental health industries, including our CEO Stuart Anderson and our CTO James Barton. 


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