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Ensuring safety and protecting mental health in your home office
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HomeSafe 360 is a radical new SaaS product that protects employees and ensures they are able to work safely whilst providing a safe and confidential channel to raise mental health and wellbeing concerns. 

Built around a self-assessment workflow, HomeSafe 360 will ensure 100% workplace compliance by asking homeworkers questions on their home environment and providing them with training and interventions to help them resolve their issues.


Once they have the app, employees complete a simple self-assessment of their home working environment. This involves a simple, guided process of multiple choice questions

After the questions, HomeSafe 360 will produce a Home Working Risk Assessment, identifying risks and providing training videos and guides to support them while they work

Employees also have access to an "I need support" button that alerts admins. This button can be triggered manually, but can also be scheduled to appear daily to monitor their wellbeing

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Features & Benefits

Home working self-assessment

Self-assessments are done by the employee, meaning they are quick and simple to deploy whilst meeting duty of care requirements

In-built home working training

A native training delivery system ensures employees have consistent, best-practice training on issues like posture or seating

Confidential support 'panic button'

Employees have access to a support button, available on demand or on a scheduled cadence, to securely and confidentially make admins aware of wellbeing or mental health issues

Location tracker

Admins are able to record the location of their employees to help ensure they are safe, but this feature can be disabled by the employee for their privacy

Built-in messaging

Through the in-app messaging system, admins can communicate directly and securely with their employees for complete confidentiality

Compliance reporting

HomeSafe 360 generates a comprehensive library of reports to ensure you always have evidence of corporate compliance

Central dashboard

Admins are presented with a 'single pane of glass' view, giving them all the information they need on one screen to ensure all employees are safe at all times

Support for multiple workplaces

HomeSafe 360 can support employees that work from multiple locations, whether that be at home, the office or even shared/bookable work spaces

Integration with other apps and websites

In-built links allow for integration with other apps, including bespoke training apps like Mentor Group's MPA