Global Customers, Global Solutions

Over the last few years, Mentor Group has seen a significant shift in their customer base with customers increasingly looking for Global Solutions to meet the needs of their teams worldwide.

This shift has lead Mentor Group to become one of the leaders in the use of cutting edge technologies such as Coaching in the Cloud as well as creating partnerships with like minded organisations such as Baker Communications ( and Ninety Five Five (

These new partnerships have been  pivotal in ensuring that Mentor Group can now deliver solutions in a totally Global manner.  Not only do we have facilitators across the globe in all five continents but most importantly we have the capability to deliver multiple solutions in multiple languages.

Having local facilitators with knowledge of the local language and local culture has proven to be a huge contributing factor in Mentor Group’s continued excellence in  client feedback reports.

Coaching in the Cloud has also proven to be extremely popular with clients, allowing them to roll out their solutions regardless of the location of the delgates.

Nowhere is this more popular than with clients looking for Sales Transformation, as it allows the sales workforce to be where they should be, in front of their clients, while still being able to get the benefit of high impact training and coaching.

If you would be interested in learning more about how our global partners and delivery capability, please do get in contact. Simply phone us on on +44(0)1442 849999 or email