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Digital Learning

Digitisation and multiple communication channels have changed the way we learn. There is a continuing clear need for innovation, disruptive approaches and responses to global events in the world of learning using technology to deliver a learner centric, cost effective and operationally viable experience.

We’ve created a series of virtual workshops for those in sales and other customer facing functions to maximise their success and productivity whilst remote working.


Although many organisations have people and functions that are already operating in a virtual environment, the current global travel and rapid shift to home working for suppliers and clients, changes the dynamics and the need to align and develop our customer facing people on a scale which we have never experienced previously.


These will be delivered by our certified virtual delivery practitioners using technology platforms to ensure an interactive and practical application-based experience. Furthermore, we build these sessions using the latest adult learning techniques and structures to ensure the learning sticks to give you sustainable and outcome focused results.

Success in a Virtual Environment

Virtual Working

To share best practice in remote working to drive employee productivity and wellbeing.

Virtual Selling

To enable sales professionals with the key mindset, skillset and toolset to effectively engage and progress opportunities through the sales cycle whilst working remotely.

Virtual Managing and Coaching

To equip sales leaders with the mindset, skillset and toolset to work remotely from their team. To provide structure and cadence to driving consistent seller performance and time cohesiveness.

Social Selling

To equip sellers with the mindset, skillset and toolset to use social media to gain new contacts, new opportunities and share insights to support their sales effort.


To develop seller capability to tell stories that engage customers and support the progression of sales opportunities.

Demand Generation

To develop sales capability and confidence to self-generate new opportunities with existing or new customers.

Account Planning

To develop seller capability to proactively drive account growth through structured and planned activity.

Managing Inside Sales Virtually

To equip inside sales first line managers with the key tools and skills to manage their team virtually.

Value Selling in the “New Normal”

To equip sellers to quickly identify value based on customer outcomes to achieve success for their customers and their organisation.

Negotiating Remotely

To equip sellers to negotiate based on achieving customer outcomes whilst protecting margin for their organisation.

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Why should you switch to Digital Learning?

Mentor Group offer an integrated set of Digital Learning options that ensure learning drives productivity and sustainability for our clients. We package live virtual instructor led training in succinct, effective and video enabled environments together with mobile applications, that deliver on demand learning, based on our user requirements.

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