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Traditional learning solutions - gathering everyone together in one location for in-person teaching or coaching - are becoming increasingly incompatible with the decentralised nature of the modern workforce.

Coaches face a similar issue themselves; how can they deliver content to everyone who needs whilst also remaining flexible to the changing nature of the modern business landscape? Learning today needs to effective and scalable, and face-to-face learning isn't cutting it.

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Mentor Group Digital Learning

Our suite of Digital Learning products have been designed to meet the needs of the modern learner with easily accessible, on-demand content available whenever it's needed, and to enable coaches to drive exponential growth regardless of physical location.

What's Available?

Our Digital Learning solution is built on three core products:


Kairos is a data-driven Learning Experience Platform, designed specifically to meet the needs of modern learners by providing individual learning plans based on actual business data, ensuring the right content is presented to the right person at the right time.

Coaching as a Service

Coaching as a Service provides on-demand access to specialist sales coaches, who are focused on and dedicated to driving  consistent, tangible growth in the value, volume and velocity of your sales pipeline.


CogMap® is an app developed by world-class neuroscientists who have spent their careers working with elite performers. CogMap® takes their expertise and helps identify your sales talent’s performance, cognitive profile, and reduce the bottleneck of learning.

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