CogMap® Elite Performance Assessment

Assessment, benchmarking and talent identification
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The research into Elite Sales Performance shows that there are 5 key attributes that define elite salespeople: agility, control, analytics, focus and risk. The differences between Elite and and Novice sales people can be startling.

There is a clear need for organisations to be able to accurately assess the performance of their teams against those 5 critical skills, and to measure potential new talent against your team to ensure you're hiring the right people.

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Introducing CogMap®

CogMap® is an app developed by world-class neuroscientists who have spent their careers working with elite performers. CogMap® takes their expertise and helps identify your sales talent’s performance, cognitive profile, and reduce the bottleneck of learning.

The personalised cognitive profile, built on the experience and expertise of leading neuroscientists, covers three key areas:


Personalised insights and strategies to enhance sales performance and productivity.

Under Pressure

Personalised insights and strategies to increase sales performance under pressure

Mental Fitness

Personalised insights and strategies to improve the impact of lifestyle and wellbeing on cognition

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How Does It Work?

CogMap® is designed to be simple to use, and fun for the user. They simply log in, answer a few quick questions about how they're feeling and play a quick interactive game designed to test cognitive function. From there, CogMap® is able to assess and train key attributes that mark out high performance salespeople.