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Coaching as a Service

On-demand access to specialist sales coaches
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Fact one: sales coaching is the most effective way to directly address pipeline velocity and opportunity advancement. Fact two: coaching provided by an external, independent sales coach can bring significant new insights.

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Introducing Coaching as a Service

Coaching as a Service provides on-demand access to specialist sales coaches, who are focused on and dedicated to driving consistent, tangible growth in the value, volume and velocity of your sales pipeline.

How Does It Work?

Once your team has access to Coaching as a Service, they follow three simple steps:


The seller requests access to a coach by email, detailing how they would like to be communicated with and their location and language preference.


The seller receives an instant acknowledgement and the next available coach will make themselves available and communicate directly with the seller to arrange a call.


The coaching call happens and the seller receives high impact coaching to help them move their opportunity forwards.

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What Sets It Apart?

Coaching as a Service with Mentor Group operates on a consumption-based pricing model, providing you with a risk-free investment that scales up and down in line with your business requirements.

Your users can also access high-quality, market-leading coaching via email, phone or via Microsoft Teams. With Coaching as a Service, you can ensure you're providing your users with the most efficient and effective method of communication for them, in multiple languages and across any time zone.