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Mentor Group Case Study

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Technology and Data Comms

The challenge presented to Mentor Group was to enable a sales force to conduct early ‘story-based’ sales conversations with executive buyers that excite and energise them to action. The sellers were already confident in delivering technical solutions, so the focus was on a change in approach rather than developing a new skillset.

It was essential that the solution connected personal and business outcomes with the ethos and capabilities of the vendor, and aligned with current and future solutions or product offerings.

Tech and Data Comms
What Was Our Solution?

We designed and delivered a program of learning both in a workshop and a virtual format which built a framework for developing sales stories that:

  • Engaged with human emotions and thinking
  • Provided tools to develop personal credibility and authenticity
  • Developed techniques to build live visuals to support stories using high impact presenting techniques and whiteboarding
  • Focused on the adaptation of packaged presentations to connect at a personal level
Highest feedback scores of any training program enrolled in
Program now in 3rd year of deployment
Concepts learned have become the de facto approach

Impact within the Customer:

Following the success of the initial pilot program, Story Based Sales Engagement was deployed to the entire global sales team, including pre- and specialist sales resources. This program achieved the highest feedback scores of any program the customer had enrolled in before. Now in its 3rd year of deployment, the concepts introduced in the program have become the de facto approach to engaging customers.

“Super topic presented by a superb trainer on an excellent platform”

“We learned to keep the stories succinct and to the point”

“The course did an outstanding job of showing how to tell a story with pictures”