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Remote Selling

A significant impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is that many salespeople can no longer meet their customers face to face – and yet business still needs to be done, relationships built and projects developed.

For many of your salespeople, this is a major change in work styles and, in addition to having the right tools and skills to work like this, they also need to build the right mindset to work effectively in this different environment. We worked with a global life sciences organisation to equip their sales people to transform their approach and maximise success in the new ways of working.

remote selling
What Was Our Solution?

A cadence of virtual instructor-led training (VILT) workshops gave the salespeople the opportunity to engage with new material, apply this in real time with their customers, and share best practice. This included a program of manager development and coaching to equip them to support their teams as they developed new skills.

The Mentor App was used as a focal point to provide material support and challenge to the sales people as they went through this journey.

Increase in confidence
Average recommendation score
NPS Score

Impact within the Customer:

  • Increased use of remote connection tools by the sales team
  • A positive change in the daily/ weekly programs of the sales team
  • Improved connectivity across business functions
  • It helped us think proactively – what we can do differently

"The program was fantastic".

"The team are able to do things differently, and they are much more secure on the virtual tools".

"It has refuelled their mindset and provided energy."