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Mentor Group Case Study

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Global Technology Developer

In response to the rapidly changing business and sales environments presented by Covid-19, it was imperative for sales leaders to be able to coach their salespeople effectively and efficiently from a remote management structure.

Not only was it necessary to help equip sales leaders with best practice tools and skills for remote coaching, it was also essential to provide them with a toolkit for coaching their salespeople to sell remotely – a goal that represented a significant shift away from historical sales structures and processes within the organisation.

Global Tech Developer
What Was Our Solution?
  • A series of powerful webinars, targeted deliberately at North American Sales Leaders
  • Design, delivery and support across the webinar series, including access to subject leaders/experts and their insights
  • Leveraging of expertise within the world of remote and digital selling, with a proven track record
  • Consistent engagement and interaction between attendees and communicators, including frequent Q&A sessions

Impact within the Customer:

  • Helped sales leaders coach and lead their people better from a remote structure
  • Drove business continuity and performance
  • Equipped sales leaders to remotely coach salespeople to sell remotely

"Compelling coaching stories really resonated".

"This was an absolute pleasure and we had really terrific outcomes".

"In a word, it was special."