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Selecting the right partners & tools is key to delivering the best results for you our client.

Using our in-depth experience we choose the best partners to work with us to ensure you get a winning formula.


Prism Brain Mapping

PRISM_EyeIn conjunction with Mentor Group’s exclusive UK licence with PRISM for the DNA of Adaptive selling, PRISM Personal Performance Mapping is a sophisticated, online, neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance.

In addition to profiling individuals, PRISM can also produce job requirement benchmarks against which candidates can be assessed in terms of behavioural suitability. It also has the ability to be used as a 360-degree feedback tool to include generic or in-house competencies.

PRISM is not a ‘psychometric test’ as it does not label individuals but rather it demonstrates why people tend to behave in certain ways in different situations.

In conduction with studies at Harvard and Oxford University, PRISM provides a common language to help your sales force recognise not only their own behavioural styles, but also those of their customers.

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The University of Hertfordshire

UoH1The University of Hertfordshire is the UK’s leading business-focussed university, helping businesses and organisations to become more innovative and competitive through better training. We offer a range of fully accredited courses all delivered flexibly, with the working professional in mind, enabling students to fit their studies around work and family commitments. We can help you to develop a happy, skilled and motivated workforce that will really improve your productivity, profitability and reputation.

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Baker Communications

BCIBaker Communications deploys Peak Performance and Transformation Solutions that ignite and sustain growth. Over 1,000 corporations, including 50% of the Fortune 500, leverage Baker to improve the performance of their business critical functions and human resources

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Positive Intelligence

positiveintelligenceIndividuals and teams who apply the tools and techniques of Positive Intelligence® report dramatic and sustained improvements in their ability to achieve goals, react to setbacks and challenges, interact with and persuade others and cultivate trusted relationships. The Positive Intelligence® approach has been validated by executives and professionals across many applications, including most notably to accelerate sales performance.
The Positive Intelligence® Program is a live, interactive online training designed to help individuals and teams raise their level of Positive Intelligence® in as little as 7 weeks. Its foundation lies in teaching individuals and teams to recognize and intercept their hidden mental “Saboteurs” and activate the part of their brain that enables far more effective and stress-free high performance mode.

The program uses simple, powerful and intuitive techniques that have been field-tested with thousands of individuals, including C-level executives. Combining highly engaging, real-time classroom sessions with daily practices and the support of an online peer community, the program enables new, more productive mental thought patterns and habits to be formed and sustained.

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ProActive Roleplay

poractive-rollplayRoleplay as the practise part of a training programme sits perfectly alongside the theory part delivered therein. It is the most powerful method available of embedding the learning and ensuring a sustained change outcome.

Mentor works with Proactive Role Play to bring to life the practical challenges of some of their coaching programmes. By partaking in Roleplay or Forum Theatre training, participants will go on to significantly improve their performance in the workplace. This view is not only based on our firm beliefs having witnessed consistently positive outcomes but reflects the feedback our clients have given us.

Roleplay and Forum Theatre provide a truly unique opportunity for delegates to practice and develop the skills they use in the workplace Roleplay offers the business equivalent of a practice match or a dress rehearsal, allowing any participant to exercise or polish their ideas and skills. The knowledge gained from these practice sessions, in terms of what works and the impact you are making, is invaluable, inspiring a confidence that can be carried forward to real events.  It is this new knowledge and confidence that allows delegates to change and develop their behaviours, thus benefiting them, their role in the business and, of course, the success of the business overall.

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