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Our vision

We influence productivity per head, performance and ultimately, EBITDA.






Global Consultants


Combined years of experience

Founded in 1996, Mentor Group is now recognised as a leading global people and performance company that focuses on Sales Transformation and Organisational Leadership.

We create integrated coaching programmes that use no-nonsense tools and metrics, incorporate outstanding technology and are delivered by over 200 instructors and coaches considered to be the best in their field. We enjoy long-standing relationships with our clients and work with over 70 active businesses, including FTSE100 companies.


Currently, we are operating programmes in over 68 countries worldwide in 25 different languages. Over 20 years, we have retained 90% of our clients through continually developing their core competencies.


We guarantee a return on investment for all clients engaged in our coaching programmes. We do this because we probe deeper to understand your business. All our coaching programmes are aligned to your strategic objectives, but more importantly we know how to put in place metrics that will continually measure the success of your programme.

In early 2019, Mentor launched a major expansion into the USA and Canada to better serve our existing clients. This also puts us in a position to address one of the largest markets in the world.


We have selected Chicago as our main hub for North American operations. Underpinning our services is a team of highly-skilled and experienced senior sales effectiveness consultants. Mentor’s team of consultants and delivery personnel have a unique blend of large company consulting roots – and have operated in the real world where performance each quarter is measured and matters.


In addition to now having an on-the-ground team in major geographies in the US and Canada (Chicago, New York, Charlotte, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Diego, Vancouver and others) we have launched a significant expansion to Mentor’s consulting capability.


We also have launched a sub-consulting practice specifically designed for financial sponsors and their portfolio companies. We believe that much of what can be done to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency from organizations has largely been accomplished.


Thus, along with mergers and acquisitions, organic revenue growth becomes the most important lever for value creation and the principal vehicle for enhancement of portfolio company performance.


We believe our services will accelerate a portfolio company’s revenue growth trajectory and meaningfully reduce the time of realization of return on the equity investment.  We have done this for the portfolio companies of private equity firms many times.


We are looking forward to speaking to clients, old and new and making a positive and measurable difference to business productivity and results across North America.


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