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July 2012

Mentor Blog – Give To Get Part 2

Give to get (Part 2) In my last blog, I extolled the virtues of using ‘quid pro quo’ in any part of the sales process to keep you in control and to give best value to your prospects. I also mentioned that it didn’t stop there. And it most certainly doesn’t. Quid pro quo is… Read More »


Mentor Blog – Give To Get

quid pro quo

Give to Get By James Barton Whether you have heard of the expression ‘quid pro quo’ or not, the philosophy behind this simple little statement is one of the most understated and underused tools in the sales persons armoury. Quid pro quo is latin for ‘This For That’ and most of the time is used… Read More »


1000 Hours To Success

1000 Hours

1000 Hours To Success by James Barton Today’s market makes it an unstable place for any one trying to carve out a career. Previously ‘safe’ jobs are no longer safe and employees need to start thinking about a new strategy to protect themselves and their incomes. The trick of course is to make yourself invaluable… Read More »