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May 2012

Global Customers, Global Solutions

Global Customers, Global Solutions Over the last few years, Mentor Group has seen a significant shift in their customer base with customers increasingly looking for Global Solutions to meet the needs of their teams worldwide. This shift has lead Mentor Group to become one of the leaders in the use of cutting edge technologies such… Read More »


Mentor Blog – What We Can Learn From Generation C

What We Can Learn From Generation C – by James Barton Many people have heard of generation X or even generation Y, but whenever I ask what people know of generation C, I nearly always draw a blank. This is not surprising as there are a number of variations of the definition of generation C,… Read More »


Fair winds and following seas

Christopher Morrison

Fair winds and following seas As many of you know, we have just returned from the Mentor Summer conference and whilst this was an exciting and engaging time, it was also a time to say goodbye to one of Mentor Groups most longstanding Consultants, Christopher Morrison. As an 11 year veteran of Mentor Group, Christopher… Read More »


Sun, Sea and Brain Mapping – Mentor Group Conference Update


Sun, Sea and Brain Mapping Following another highly creative and productive summer conference in the beautiful Algarve, the team at Mentor Group are now even more energised for the next half of what has already been a great year. The highlight of the conference has been the focus on our continued investment and development of… Read More »



The Three C’s of Successful Adoption Part 3 “Campaign” In the previous two articles we have explored the vital role the Champion plays and the importance of have a Cause to focus on in making a SFDC Adoption come to life. This week we are going to look at the third and final C… Read More »